How does Prom Night Events work?

“It’s a lot simpler than you think. You consult them, they work out the plan that fits the budget and they do the rest. After having planned my first son’s formal without help, I was dreading the thought of doing it all over again. This time I did it through Prom Night and it was all done before I knew it.” – Lisa (Parent) – The Emanuel School Year 10

When Prom Night Events says “All Inclusive Package”, we’re not joking. It not only means that you’ll get all the features and inclusions built into your package, it also means that we’ll manage and run this event for you all the way through.

Step 1 – The consultation.

Our trained Event Manager will listen to all your dreams & wishes. He/She will lead you through the whole process of planning the formal according to them but also with a flair for making it all fit into a practical and manageable budget and time-frame. You’ll see virtual tours of the premium venues that will suit your year group, all set up the way they would be on the night of your formal.

We’ll run through an inclusions list so you can pick and choose the various features of your big night as you go, and the ticket price can be worked out on the spot. When you get everything looking just right, we’ll print you a complete information package including fact sheets and estimates on each venue and package you were shown.

We then place a tentative hold on the dates and venues you want until you’ve made your final choice.

Step 2 – The Booking Process.

Once you’ve decided on the package and venue you want, simply contact us and we’ll send you a web link with a simple form for your contract signatory to fill in. We then use that data to send out the paperwork for signing. Once we get that paperwork back, your booking is confirmed and we get to work setting up your formal.

Step 3 – The MDP (Master Data Portal) & Online Ticketing.

We’ll create a secure and private online ticket purchasing site for you. Your guests can log in and look at floor plans to see where they’d like to sit, enter their personal data for food allergies and choose seats. Then they purchase their tickets online and they’re downloadable to print at home. The tickets come complete with all the details of the formal and each guests name and seating allocation.

We’ll also set up a secure (password protected) environment in our web server that you can access from any computer. That will be your private domain containing special web pages and forms that you can use to plan your big night. This includes menu selections, music requests and event running orders. If you have inclusions in your package that involve choices about colours, flavours or styles, everything will be there for you to select on the spot using simple mouse-clicks. This is the fun part of planning the night and you’ll have complete control over that but we’ll help you if you need it.

Step 4 – The Venues, Logistics and Supplier Bookings.

While you’re having fun with your MDP, we’ll be hard at work behind the scenes taking care of all the things you don’t want to know about. This will involve event orders with the venues, staffing, caterers, security, decorators, insurances, transport, health & safety,
licenses & permits and making sure everything’s done professionally and legally so that nothing goes wrong on the night. We also take care of paying all the deposits and disbursements to everyone involved in your formal. All you need to do is make sure that your friends are buying tickets through our secure online ticketing system.

Step 5 – The Data.

Once we reach the deadline for all your data in the MDP to be finished and the final tickets sold, we’ll help you get the last of that organised and we’ll then process all the data and turn the whole thing into a dream formal for you. The first part of that will be to send a message out to your guest list to print their tickets, each with the guests name and seating allocation as well as all the details about the formal itself. Then an email will come to you with confirmations of all the choices you made about the inclusions in your package.

Step 6 – The Formal Night.

We’ll send our professional crew down to the venue and set up the whole event, then stay and run it for you so that everything’s perfect. Your only job will be to show up looking amazing, and we’ve got the rest covered.

Just remember that there’s only one opportunity to get this right. That’s why our motto is
“School Formal? Problem Solved!”. Prom Night Events has maintained a 100% success record since 1990.