Introduction to School Formal planning in NSW

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School Formals, Myths, Facts and the “Ostrich Mentality” – Elliot D I Kleiner

When the average person thinks about a school formal, the first images that appear in ones mind are of glamorous gowns, confused girl 1crowded dance floors and stretched limousines. It’s very easy to forget all of the other unseen aspects that are necessary to bring about this experience.

Believe it or not school formals are far more complex and difficult to plan than weddings. That may sound far-fetched but consider this. Weddings don’t require ticketing, security, legal compliance checklists or insurances. When we talk about suits, dresses, shoes, professional hair & make-up, stretched limousines and so on, weddings only need such items for the bridal party whereas formals need it for the entire guest list. Statistically, the average school formal entertains almost double the number of guests than the average wedding, and there arguably are as many, if not more, formals taking place per year in Sydney.

The interesting fact is that when it comes to optional inclusions, formals generally have around 2-3 times the number of added inclusions for guests to enjoy than weddings do. School formals are also among the most highly regulated events (by government) and there are many issues that need to be handled properly before a formal can proceed.

When you consider all of these factors, if the idea of planning a wedding from scratch is scary to you, then planning a  formal ought to be twice as scary.

Honestly – this is an enormous, difficult, time-consuming and, at times, frustrating task. If you manage to get it right though, the rewards can be fantastic.

Clearly it’s not impossible to do because some 700+ formals take place in Sydney each year. That’s not to say that they’re all successful, problem-free or easy. It just means that you’re not alone in your quest and it is somehow survivable.

That being said, there are really two ways you can go from here…

1/ Pull out a pencil, paper, a comfortable chair, an ergonomic mouse and a phone and get ready for a long journey, which consists of weeks (and months) of research, disappointment and arguably not the result you first pictured when you started..


2/ Call a professional School Formal Event Management Company (Like Prom Night Events) to handle this all for you. Around one in ten school formal committees does this, and it guarantees a perfect result every time with only a fraction of the workload, none of the stress, at around the same realistic cost.