Contraband and how it threatens you


Teenagers are not exactly a fountain of experienced and informed judgement. They often do things that astound us in terms of common sense. For that reason, it’s important to be aware of what they’ll try to bring with them that may harm themselves or others.

Less importantly, things that may threaten the reputation of the school, the venue and the smooth running of the formal are also under the spotlight.

Here’s a picture of what was collected from one single night, of only 6 formals, taking place in major 5-star hotels in Sydney. These were a combination of private independent schools, conservative Catholic schools and state schools.

Pictured above – contents of this haul include…

  • Alcohol in retail and improvised containers
  • Ecstasy & Methamphetamine
  • Tranquillisers
  • Hallucinogenic Pills
  • Cannabis
  • Bong Cone
  • Prohibited knives
  • Live ammunition round (9mm)
  • Laser Pointer
  • Modified Fireworks (set to explode rather than shoot)
  • Emergency Marine Flare
  • Mace
  • Razor Box Cutters

Don’t be naive! Teens carry these things to their formals every year. You have to ask yourself what measures you’re taking, with proper security, to stop these things getting into your event.

These items, and several of the drug and alcohol intoxicated teens carrying them, were discovered using a combination of metal detection, breath testing, drug testing devices and well practiced security procedures by a team of formal security experts.