How to raise formal ticket money


While survey results showed that the average cost of a formal ticket in the Sydney  market in 2016 was around $159 (all inclusive). For most, this is OK (obviously because they’re paying that) however to some people, this might seem like a lot of money.

Statistically, students will spend between 3 and 5 times that amount on what they wear to the formal. Girls will even spend 50% more on hair, makeover, nails and spray tans than they will on the formal ticket. The average stretch limo ride (1 way) will cost 3 times this much. When you put things in that kind of perspective, the formal ticket, even at $200, is among the cheapest items on the list for the formal.

That being said, how students raise that ticket price is also something that needs thought.

A recent survey asked many formal attendees how they raised their ticket money and the following are the 20 most common suggestions that you can offer to students. (Note: all ideas suggested here that involve dealing with strangers should be done with the help and / or support of friends or family for safety)

Saving with a jar:

  • Put a $2 coin each day into your jar before you leave for school.
  • Each day when you get home, throw all silver coins in your pocket into your jar.
  • When you get paid at your job, put 10% of each pay into your jar.
  • When you go to the mall after school or on the weekends, sacrifice 2 snacks per week (Boost Juice, MacDonald’s Ice Cream, Packet of Chips or whatever) and put that money into a your jar.
  • When you go to the movies, take snacks from home instead of buying them and put that money into your jar instead.
  • When you’d normally catch the bus, walk one time out of every 5 and put the bus fare into your jar.
  • When at home, don’t use your mobile phone to make calls. Use the home phone instead and put the savings off your monthly bill into your jar.

Earning at home:

  • Offer to do household chores (above what you might normally do) for cash from mum & dad.
  • Gather things you really don’t need or might eventually throw out on clean up day and have a garage sale instead.
  • Go to your neighbours and offer to wash cars, mow lawns or tidy gardens. You’ll have the money in 1 weekend.
  • Get some awesome DVD’s and have a movie party night and charge your friends $5 each to come.
  • Host a makeup or fashion party at home.
  • Make arts & crafts & sell them on line or to friends & family.

Earning out in the world:

  • Get a casual job at a fast food place or supermarket and work just 1 shift per week. You’ll have the money in no time.
  • Offer to help elderly load shopping from trolleys into their cars, then return trolleys for the coin deposit or tips.
  • Take on a newspaper run.
  • Bake cupcakes and sell them at a local fete or market day.

Fundraising at school (permission needed of course):

  • Get fundraising packs from Cadbury, Pure Gelato, or Krispy Kreme (see our web
    page on fundraising) and sell treats to students.
  • Put on a school dance and charge admission, then split the profits between the year
  • Have a non-uniform day and charge a gold coin to each student for the privilege.

No matter how you do it, raising ticket money is easy and shouldn’t compromise lifestyle very much. You never know, any of these, or a combination of several, could potentially provide a great way of not only raising the ticket price for the formal, but maybe also pay for everything else on the list.