14 Common Misconceptions about High School Formals

panicDespite What You’ve Heard…

  1. The D.E.T. DOES NOT prohibit school officials from being involved in formals.
  2. This year in Sydney, over 130,000 teens will attend ILLEGAL formals and expose 368 high schools (or their organisers) to liability.
  3. Without the schools approval, 86% of Formals will go ahead regardless, and will be booked in the school’s name.
  4. Formals booked without the use of the school’s name, STILL expose the school (or it’s individual representatives) to potential legal and financial liability.
  5. Teachers and School Staff ARE NOT permitted to supervise or secure formals on licensed premises – ever!
  6. Formals ARE NOT official school events and are not covered by school insurance.
  7. Students who drink liquor and use illicit drugs exist at ALL high schools.
  8. 92% of Formals organised by school officials or unguided students without professional help are non-compliant, and therefore uninsured, every season in Sydney.
  9. Formals are HARDER to organise than weddings.
  10. Of all venues accepting formal bookings (at last survey), less than 9% were legally
    permitted to do so.
  11. 94% of student committee members consider security as LOWEST priority. 91% of
    teachers consider security as HIGHEST priority. Less than 1% of either considered legal compliance at all.
  12. Pre-Formal Drinks are NOT someone else’s problem.
  13. “Working with Children Check” applies to EVERY adult that works or volunteers at formals.
  14. It can take hundreds of hours of work to organise a formal without professional help.