Critical Non Essentials


“CNEs are small things outside the core business that add so much value they ultimately determine the success of the enterprise.” – Dr Paddi Lund (Author & Businessman).

Critical Non Essentials, or CNE’s, are those little extra things that cost a consumer nothing extra, but add volumes to their enjoyment of the experience they have when using a  particular product or service.

CNE’s are usually things that require little more than thought. For a company, it’s really just a matter of putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and thinking about what they’d wish for and what they need, rather than trying to think about only what they’d pay for.

Prom Night Events is not the only place you can get a School Formal. It is however the only team of industry professionals that place themselves in your shoes and fashion a range of products and services that you’d wish for and what you’ll need, not just what you’d pay for.

The following is a list of CNE’s that every client receives with every Prom Night Package, regardless of what you pay, how many guests on your list or who you are…

  • Our web site has the most planning advice, statistics, industry trends and downloadable resources of any company in the industry.
  • From the moment you contact us, you’re placed in the hands of a qualified event management expert who has years of direct experience specialising only in School Formals. If you decide to book with us, that same consultant will be on call for you 7 days per week until the end of your Prom night to help with any issues, offer advice and assistance the whole way along.
  • You’ll have your own list of specific needs fed into a range of custom-designed simulation software programmes to determine the correct attendance, budget, inclusions package and features needed for your formal.
  • Your event will be run and hosted by a qualified and experienced team of formal specialists, headed up by an event manager and MC who understands everything about your specific needs and stays available to you on site exclusively for the whole evening.
  • The formal will have custom-designed tickets issued online with each guest’s name and seating allocation, along with all the other details of the night and they’re scanned  electronically at the door so you keep them as souvenirs.
  • The whole event will be packaged and priced at one all-inclusive cost per ticket, with no hidden extras, and there are no damage bonds payable.
  • You’ll be given access to the MDP, which is a secure on-line planning facility that’s customised for your formal, where you make all the selections for colours, flavours, music and all the things that determine how your guests will enjoy the night.
  • The formal will have $60 Million worth of insurance covering several policies and there’s absolutely zero liability exposure to clients or schools.

Although we go to a great deal of trouble to provide each and every one of these items, they cost not even one cent more to any of our customers. These are our Critical Non-Essentials, and you can’t get these from anyone else in the formals industry.

We invite you to read some of our happy customer testimonials and see if you can spot where they mention any of our CNE’s. It’s actually amazing how many of them mention the aspects of their experience that they weren’t charged extra for…

“I’d like to thank you for your patience and commitment to our formal, made our lives much easier, and eliminated many potential problems! Warm Regards,” Scott – North Sydney Boys High School Year 12

“Thank you so much for everything you did for us, planning and on the night of the formal.” Casey Hall – Student – East Hills Girls High Year 12

“I, personally, was very impressed with the way you and your team helped our committee every step of the way and would not hesitate to recommend your company to others. Regards,” Tracey, Teacher – Hurlstone Agricultural College

“Well done to the committee and your team – their hard work has paid off. To you – congratulations to your company – what a great business. Again, thank you.” Kerry – Parent – Barker College Year 10