Limo 2 Go


Formals are glamorous events. To step out in style is the name of the game, and for many, it’s their first time doing it.

One of the first things that comes to mind, after where the formal will be, who you’ll have as your date, and what you wear, is going to be how you get there and what you’ll look like arriving.

Limousines are the obvious choice in most cases. You should, however, think a little bit about a few different things before selecting your limo and the company that supplies it.

A little research will go a long way here and not just about cost, although that’s a factor too.

The first thing is to determine what kind of limo you want. It can be anything from a basic sedan right through stretches, to super-stretch, and all the way up to Hummers.

There are also many and varied specialty cars in between like hot-rods, show cars and sports convertibles. Some can seat only 1 passenger (plus driver) but some can seat up to 16 (or even more).

If you want the most popular limos, which are stretched (sedans or Hummers), you’ll be paying the top dollars. Find out how many people your chosen limo can seat (legally) and see if you can round up that many of your friends to all meet in one place for pick up. This will not only split and reduce costs dramatically but it will also make the journey a fun experience to share.

For specialty cars, you need to keep certain things in mind. If going for convertibles, or other roofless vehicles, remember to take into account the risks associated with poor weather and also keep in mind your hair and makeup, which can easily be ruined  by exposure to wind & road grime. Also think about space and comfort so you don’t become cramped and crush up your outfit.

When checking out the various companies supplying these different modes of transport,  make sure you check out a few details along your research…

  • That the company and drivers have the right government issued licenses to operate that service.
  • That the drivers have all cleared the necessary criminal checks (in NSW this is called the “Working with Children Check”).
  • That the cars have the necessary (and specially issued) registration and insurance. (In NSW hire vehicles should have either “HC” or “TV” number plates for instance),
  • That you can check references from other clients who have used the service before.

If any of these points are missing or suspicious, avoid booking the service.

Before you search for the longest and tallest machine you can find, it’s a good idea to  research the venue to find out if…

  • They have a driveway or entrance that can fit the vehicle.
  • If not, how far from where you’d be dropped off would you have to walk?

Try to also make some kind of responsible plan for how you’ll leave safely at the end of the formal too. You’ll be tired and it will be late so leaving this until then may find you without a plan, or a hope of a lift home, when you’re worst equipped to deal with that problem.