16 – Age or IQ? Hard to tell sometimes

We just love the teen culture staple behavior of trying to test the limits of authority. It’s normal but a real pain in the butt sometimes when we’re trying to deliver the best experience for the vast majority of formal-goers who do the right thing and just want to enjoy their night.

This week we conducted a Year 11 Social at a Major Sydney Hotel for around 300 guests. It was a great gig and everyone had a good time, well – ALMOST everyone…

Case Study #1 – The Bling Smuggler


This hip flask full of liquor, lovingly bedazzled with pink bling, was confiscated from an underage girl. Tip – before denying ownership it’s probably best not to write your full name and phone number on the bottom. Well done!

Case Study #2 – Vodka or Bust!


These artificial implants were found in an underage girl’s bra full of Vodka, even with straws. Here’s how she showed up on our FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera. Nice Try lol!
Flir 1

Case Study #3 – Mister Hereditary Title

This under aged FOOL delivered a breath test reading of 0.18% BAC at the door and showed outward signs of illicit drug use.

idiot 1

When he was asked to leave, he tried to fight with security staff all the way out the door. Then he spent the next 20 minutes falling over his own feet in the driveway threatening staff in the following way…

“I’m qualified in law because my dad’s a lawyer. I know my rights and you can’t make me leave. He’s gonna sue you for a million dollars and he’s gonna make you my F***N’ bitch. I’m gonna own your F***N’ house and your F***N’ company by the end of the month.”

Charming! He then said “I could punch your F***N’ head in right now bitch and I can’t be done for it because you don’t even know who I am.” When asked to identify himself, he immediately showed his ID – very smart!


He was kept safe and contained by staff despite several attempts to tear their clothing, elbow and head-butt them. They gave him several opportunities to get in a cab and go home, he decided that arguing and fighting was his preferred fun until the Police took him into custody. He was held by Police in view of his friends until his parents came to take him home to sleep it off. I suppose he had some explaining to do to poor old dad – the lawyer.