There are 2 people offering to book your school formal. Who do you trust?

cheapofcThe Function Centre Rep

This guy sells “Budget” school formal packages, around $85 – $99 per head but there will usually be another $35-$45 per head in hidden costs later. You won’t find that out until you’ve signed the contract.

He’ll show you the room but he won’t tell you how many other events will be booked into the same place on the same night as yours. Many times you’ll be moved to a different room than the one you were first shown, and sometimes, a different venue altogether.

He includes the most basic stuff that everyone else offers but if you want any extras you have to find it all yourself.

If he gets a better offer, he’ll cancel your booking without hesitation, probably when it’s too late to get another venue anywhere.

Good luck getting your bond back!

prommanagersidebarThe Authorised Venue Agent

This is an Event Management Professional with all the right credentials. She has exclusive contracts in place to represent all the Internationally Branded venues and top Hospitality Industry-Recognised suppliers.

She’s the only one that can create all the most suitable options at the guaranteed lowest prices.

She puts everything in writing and is available to help you 7 days per week until it’s all perfect.

Everything you need for your formal is built into the package, including all the optional extras, and every item is declared in the paperwork so you know that there are no hidden costs to surprise you later.

The venue you’re shown is always the one you get. Your booking is the only booking in that venue on the night and there’s no such thing as a better offer so your formal will never be moved or cancelled.

She never charges you a bond and any deposits (rarely needed) are refunded BEFORE the formal.