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For Schools and Parents - Prom Night Events - School Formals in SydneyTop Questions asked by School Staff and Concerned Parents…

For Schools and Parents - Prom Night Events - School Formals in Sydney

Elliot Kleiner – (Director of Operations for Prom Night Events and Nationally recognised corporate specialist in Event Management and related Security) answers the most often asked questions posed by schools and parents concerning formals.

Biography for Elliot can be seen here

Elliot recently published a really interesting White-Paper on “School Formals – Myths, Facts and the Ostrich Mentality”. Click Here to download a copy.

For Schools and Parents - Prom Night Events - School Formals in Sydney

For Schools and Parents – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

Who is Prom Night Events and how long have they been around?

100-safeWe’re the first and largest event management firm for school formals Australia-wide. We’ve been doing this exclusively since 1990 and we’re the national market leader.

Why has our school never done business with Prom Night Events before?

100-safeWell, the chances are that if you’re with a Sydney school you probably have but may not know it. We’ve conducted formals for over half of the registered secondary schools in greater Sydney. Most of them multiple years running. Not all schools knew about it. The list is at the bottom of the page for those who are interested.

My memory of school formals from 30 years ago is a drunken free-for all. What’s changed since then?

100-safeQuite a bit in fact. The School Formal Industry (yes industry) today turns over $3.4 Billion per annum nation-wide, and with several specific acts of Parliament in most states (2007 and 2012 for NSW) it is now by far the most highly regulated and most closely monitored sector of the Events market. 

The legislative compliance issues read like an encyclopedia of rules, permits, licenses, restrictions and checks. Most LAWYERS would need a month of reading to get up to speed with the latest updates. It is, and has been for the last 30 years, our speciality, and we’re recognised as the leading industry experts on this topic. Our procedures and methodology have been recognised as the best model yet written for running teen events, and we have a 100% success track record to back that up.

Our operating manual for legal compliance has been reviewed by top level officers in NSW, QLD and VIC State Government departments covering Liquor, Licensing, Security and Safety disciplines and has been given the double-thumbs-up as over-compliant with all three states’ regulations.

For Schools and Parents – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

If we work with Prom Night Events to run a school formal, does this service cost the school anything?

For Schools and Parents - Prom Night Events - School Formals in SydneyNo!

The school pays nothing at all. In most cases, if teachers are interested in attending, we can either include some for free, or in larger numbers cost price, so each can afford their own tickets.

How much does it cost students? 

100-safeThat depends upon the selections of venue, attendance and inclusions. Every package is custom-made. The most agreeable numbers are that with our events, it will cost them between $35 and $45 per head less than if they organised it all themselves.

What about deposits or Security Bonds?

100-safeWe don’t take security bonds. They’re not legal. Any venue that demands one is scamming you and there’s a chance you’ll never see that money again. We cover every event with $60M worth of diverse insurances instead.

Where a booking deposit may be required (not in all cases), the school is free to pay that deposit and it’s fully refunded BEFORE the formal, so long as minimum ticket sales are covered. It’s our job to make all efforts to see that this is the case. We’ve never held a deposit back from a school – ever! Deposits, where required, are only for the booking fees for suppliers and are capped at $1500 total. If any more is required, we cover it. Usually $1000 is enough.

There are lots of “shonky” operators out there. How do we know Prom Night Events suppliers, staff and contractors are all trustworthy and reputable?


We guarantee legal compliance, in fact it’s what we’re most famous for. We’re the only event company conducting formals with the written authority to represent major internationally branded venues like Hilton, Sheraton, Sofitel, Four Seasons, Hyatt and so on. If you call and speak the Conference & Event Sales Manager of any venue in our programme, they will gladly verify that we’re their official representatives for this market. This is not something they hand out lightly.

To become a supplier to Prom Night Events, the criteria is extremely tough and standards are uncompromising. All goods and services in our programme must be approved by the tough standards of the venues, our insurers and us before acceptance.

We carry the highest levels of insurance (over $60M per event) of any company in the industry, and our methods for security and legal compliance are approved at the highest levels of government.

Every physical product must have corresponding hazard identification documentation, every power handling lead must have compliance tags, every person attending the event must be WWCC (Blue Card) cleared and every procedure applied at the event must have gone through rigorous testing measures before introduction. We take zero chances. That’s why we’re still here when the others come and go.

How much work does either a school staff member, or an organising committee of students, need to do to plan this event?

100-safeIf you do it on your own – surveys have shown up to 200 hours. If you let us do it for you – averages are between 5 and 10 hours total. This is valuable time for both staff and students, specifically approaching exam times. Our streamlined systems and full time staff take all of the effort out of it for you. It’s all we do all the time.

Who handles collection and disbursement of ticket money?

100-safeWe do. Well, that is to say our online systems do that for you. No physical cash changes hands at any point and you need no bank accounts to administer any of this. All costs are covered by ticket sales. Students and their guests buy tickets online and we disburse those funds electronically to all the relevant suppliers on your behalf automatically.

Who wears the public liability exposure?

For Schools and Parents - Prom Night Events - School Formals in SydneyGreat question! The answer will surprise many. If you work with us, WE take ALL public liability exposure away from you. If not, YOU take that liability exposure upon either the school (in the case of non-government) or on the department (in the case of government) – EVEN if you aren’t running the formal. That’s right! If you say NO to the formal, and it goes ahead without your knowledge (as in 86% of cases), the school STILL attracts a potential liability exposure automatically.

This is a legal minefield and you really should take the assistance of professionals to navigate it.

Doesn’t the school maintain a “Duty of Care”?

100-safeNo – in fact this only applies to students when in either of two cases – 1/ On school premises or 2/ Outside when on a curriculum-based excursion with parental permission granted.

School formals on licensed third-party premises are exempt from these 2 conditions so the school, and any individuals on staff, have no “Duty of Care” at all. This is different from “Liability Exposure”.

School staff are actually forbidden (legally) from conducting any form of security or control over the behaviour of students at a school formal when outside the school premises. Those duties rest with the operators of the event and the venue.

Doesn’t the school have to have staff present at all formals?

For Schools and Parents - Prom Night Events - School Formals in SydneyNo. In fact it’s not a requirement under the law at all. The venue and organisers are providing ample legal supervision to cover state requirements. School representatives don’t need to attend at all.

Didn’t I hear something about the DET or the BOS prohibiting schools from being involved with formals?

100-safeWell you may have heard some such chit-chat, however, it is, and always has been, a total MYTH. 

We can assure you, after lengthy discussions between our legal department and the senior most policy representatives from both authorities, that there NEVER has been any such directive issued by either body. In fact quite the opposite, neither one has even the legislative authority to make such a ruling either way. Check with your District Superintendent if you want to clarify this. The choice is purely left to the Principal in every case.

What if our school has always had a policy of not supporting formals?

100-safeThat’s up to the Principal, however this is extremely outdated thinking and you are in the vast minority. Most schools recognise that steering the plans in the right direction and offering advice and assistance is a far more intelligent way to avoid anything going wrong. If you don’t support formals, it’s time to review that thinking for your own sake. The formal will happen anyway, it’s just a matter of what’s going to come back and bite you later.

Schools we’ve helped (and continue to help)

Many of these are regular clients year after year. Many also give us control of Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 events.

      • Abbotsleigh
      • Auburn Girls High
      • Arden Anglican College
      • Arthur Phillip High
      • Asquith Girls High
      • Balgowla Boys High
      • Barker College
      • Bass High
      • Bedford College
      • Beverly Hills Girls High
      • Blacktown Girls High
      • Blakehurst High
      • Bonnyrigg High
      • Bossley Park High
      • Brent St College
      • Brigidine College Randwick
      • Burwood High
      • Cabramatta High
      • Camden High
      • Canterbury Girls High
      • Canterbury Boys High
      • Caringbah High
      • Carlingford High
      • Casimir Catholic College
      • Catherine McCauley High
      • Cecil Hills High
      • Chatswood High
      • Cheltenham Girls High
      • Chevalier College
      • Concord High
      • Conservatorium High
      • Covenant Christian School
      • Cranbrook School
      • Crestwood High
      • Cromer High
      • Cronulla High
      • Danebank Girls College
      • Davidson High
      • De La Salle College
      • Domremy College
      • Dulwich High
      • East Hills Girls High
      • East Hills Boys High
      • Elderslie High
      • Endeavour Sports High
      • Fort St High Senior College
      • Frensham School
      • Freshwater High
      • Georges River College Oatley Campus
      • Glenmore Park High
      • Holy Cross College
      • Holsworthy High
      • Homebush Boys High
      • Hornsby Girls High
      • Hurlstone Agricultural College
      • International French School of Sydney
      • International Grammar School
      • James Ruse Agricultural College
      • Jannali High
      • Kambala
      • Killara High
      • Killarney Heights High
      • Kincoppal-Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart
      • Kingsgrove High
      • Kingsgrove North High
      • Kirrrawee High
      • Knox Grammar
      • Kogarah High
      • Ku-Ring-Gai Creative Arts High
      • Leichhardt High
      • Liverpool Boys High
      • Liverpool Girls High
      • Loreto Kirribilli
      • MacArthur Girls High
      • MacKellar Girls High
      • MacQuarie Fields High
      • Manly High
      • Marcellin College
      • Marist College
      • Marist Sisters College
      • Marsden High
      • Mercy Catholic College
      • Meriden School
      • Miller Technology High
      • Monte Sant Angelo
      • Moorefield Girls High
      • Moorebank High
      • Mosman High
      • Newington College
      • Newtown Performing Arts High
      • Normanhurst Boys High
      • North Sydney Girls High
      • North Sydney Boys High
      • OLSH Kensington
      • Oxley College
      • Pennant Hills High
      • Penshurst Girls High
      • Picnic Point High
      • Pittwater High
      • Pittwater House School
      • PLC Croydon
      • PLC Sydney
      • Port Hacking High
      • Pymble Ladies College
      • Queenwood School for Girls
      • Randwick Girls Technology High
      • Randwick Boys Technology High
      • Reddam House
      • Redlands
      • Riverside Girls High
      • Rose Bay Secondary College
      • Rosebank College
      • Roseville College
      • Ryde Secondary College
      • Sarah Redfern High
      • SCEGGS Darlinghurst
      • Sefton High
      • Shore School
      • Sir Joseph Banks High
      • South Sydney High
      • St Aloysius’ College
      • St Catherines
      • St Charbels College
      • St Clares College
      • St Clair High
      • St Euphemia College
      • St George Girls High
      • St Ignatius College
      • St Ives High
      • St John XXIII College
      • St Maroun’s School
      • St Pauls Catholic College
      • St Paul’s Grammar School
      • St Scholastica’s College
      • St Spyridon College
      • St Vincents College
      • Stella Maris College
      • Strathfield Girls High
      • Strathfield South High
      • Sydney Boys High
      • Sydney Girls High
      • Sydney Grammar
      • Sydney Secondary College
      • Sydney Technical High
      • Sylvania High
      • Tara Anglican School
      • Tempe High
      • The Emanuel School
      • The Forest High
      • The French School of Sydney
      • The Kings School
      • The Scots College
      • The Pittwater House School
      • Waverley College
      • Westfield Sports High
      • Wiley Park High
      • William Clarke College
      • Willoughby Girls High
      • Wooloware High
      • Wyndham College

And more new schools being added to this list every year.



For Schools and Parents – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney