Marketing Policies

At Prom Night Events, we pro-actively keep in touch with our market.

At times, people might receive our materials without knowing how or why.

If you’re receiving our materials, before discarding them or un-subscribing from our contact lists, you should first be sure that someone else in your school / organisation or department has not specifically asked for these materials to be sent. We often receive complaints from teachers who have requested information that has been intercepted from others who weren’t aware of their request.

If however you are certain that you need to get off of our lists, then we must offer you an opportunity to do so. The form below will give you that opportunity.

To be clear, we strictly follow all state and federal regulations for how these marketing activities must be conducted. As such, we never advertise or offer anything that is false or misleading, never advertise anything that we can’t or won’t deliver and we only represent that which we are duly authorised to represent.

Most of our direct marketing is aimed at schools and / or school representatives. The contact methods we use are either widely published, acquired via approved government sources, or given to us directly by those people concerned.

To un-subscribe from a marketing list – use this form. Keep in mind that your contact details may be on several different marketing lists in our system because people may have subscribed in your school many different times using the same contact details.