Meet the Team

High school formals (Proms) represent $3.5 Billion in Australia each year. That makes this a highly busy and lucrative industry. Prom Night Events is an Event Management firm that has been Australia’s industry leader for over 30 years.

Meet the Team – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

When anyone needs advice or information on this industry, whether that’s enterprise, media, government or the public, we top the list of experts to call.

We’ve planned and run more School Formals than any other single organisation in Australia and we have a 100% success rate.

Prom Night Events is a very unique concept. We were the first of our kind and we’ve been the market leader for our entire history, despite many copy-cats and scam artists we’ve seen come and go, who either pretend to be us, or pretend to do what we do.

Our team is made up of full-time, part-time, casual and sub-contract specialists in a variety of areas. In peak season we employ over 300 people working all over Sydney. Our capacity right now is running up to 12 formals simultaneously at different venues each night.

Who you’re working with…

Founder and Director – Elliot Kleiner

Meet the Team - Prom Night Events - School Formals in Sydney

Elliot was a Radio & Television presenter with a specific popularity in the teenage market and is widely recognised as a teen-culture specialist in the events industry.

As a Security Industry expert, Elliot has been called many times as a special consultant to several levels of Government, from the Police right up to the NSW Legislative Assembly and has even had some of his recommendations written into state law.

He’s regarded as a specialist in functions and major events, major venues, event security and teenage marketing. There is no other person in this state with his level of experience in conducting every aspect of High School Formals and Minor’s Functions.

Elliot is considered the consultant of choice for the media and is first contact for media agencies wishing to conduct any story relating to the High School Formal market and has been quoted here, and abroad, for TV, Radio and Press stories year after year.

He’s spoken on live, national breakfast television as the foremost expert on the subject of school formals, and has run workshops on harm minimisation and liability exposure issues at the NSW Secondary Deputy Principal’s Association Conference, of which Prom Night Events was a sponsor for several years.

Elliot’s proven methodology for teen event management is currently the only model accepted in three states as best practice for the industry and applies a roadmap to success.

Meet the Team - Prom Night Events - School Formals in SydneyChief of Music & Entertainment – Anthony Hughes

Anthony brings to the Prom Night team several talents and a wealth of experience. As a Disc Jockey, Anthony is among Sydney’s most sought after event performers and he heads up an enviable stable of DJ’s all of which are at the very top of the industry.

Anthony is also a national award-winning singer / songwriter and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the Australian music industry. He knows music, he knows teen demographic entertainment and he’s a powerful presenter at every formal lucky enough to have him.

This talent and experience is emulated by every member of his DJ team and only the finest performers are hand-picked by Anthony to appear at our formals.

Meet the Team - Prom Night Events - School Formals in SydneyMaster Of Ceremonies – John Saroukos 

Johnny has been leading guests through every kind of event for more years than he probably wants to admit. He’s a consummate professional and speaks several languages.

He’s a favourite with teachers, students and parents alike.

Johnny is quality control personified. Nothing’s too hard for him in terms of the comfort and enjoyment of guests at his formals. He’s a friendly and fun presenter as an MC but behind the scenes he’s a dynamic team leader and knows how to rally the crew to give you the best results on the night.

SammyMaster Of Ceremonies – Samantha Middleton

Samantha is the newest member of the Prom Night MC team but she comes with years of event experience from a photographic background.

A friendly and efficient presenter and team leader, Samantha knows how to get the formal moving smoothly and in the right direction at every step of the journey.

Samantha understands that a formal is supposed to be fun and does everything she can to deliver that as the memory that every guest takes with them at the end of the night.

“Sam” or “Sammie” is as efficient and helpful as she is fun.

Meet the Team – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

What we do:

Think of us as being like the biggest travel agent, only for school formals instead of holidays. A travel agent represents all the airlines and hotels and can not only access them for less money than you could yourself, but they also know more about the way to plan a holiday so that there are no nasty surprises and they guarantee that everything runs smoothly. We’re the same only we deal with venues and suppliers needed to run a successful school formal.

We are the only authorised agents representing the most sought after venues and suppliers available for this market. In most cases, the public can’t access these resources without us.

The main difference between a travel agent and us is that a travel agent doesn’t come on the holiday with you to make certain everything is perfect. We do exactly that. Every school formal that we organise is staffed, supervised and run by our own team of event experts on site.

How we started:

Founded in 1990 in Sydney, Prom Night Events was originally a small department of a successful function services supply firm known as Function HeadQuarters. There were only 4 staff involved at the time.

As the department grew through the early 1990’s, it quickly became the most successful innovation the firm had ever seen, and eventually became a stand-alone business of its own.

In 2003 Prom Night Events was taken over by the Entrepreneurial company ELK & Sons Consolidated. This was when Prom Night achieved it’s most impressive growth and media notoriety.

In 2007 business and finance giant Price Waterhouse Coopers designed a national franchise model to take Prom Night Events Australia wide, and eventually global.

By 2008, Prom Night Events was a household name in the High School Formal industry.

In 2010, high profile school formal expo event manager “The School Formal Show” purchased the rights to the Prom Night Events concept in Australia, and the two were merged into the powerhouse we have now.

Prom Night Events launched it’s own media outlet in 2015, known as “Prom TV”. This is our own online TV channel, and production is constantly under way to deliver journalist-style reports on venues, inclusions, ideas and other aspects of not only formals, but all aspects of teen culture.

Prom Night Events was Australia’s first Event Management firm exclusively for school formals. Today we’re still the only one despite many “copy-cats” having come and gone over the years. Our event management systems and packages are the toast of the industry throughout Australia. At the peak of each season, we have over 100 active professionals employed in the field delivering the most awesome and successful school formals to thousands of excited teenagers.

You may ask yourself “what happened to the competitors that aren’t around any more and what makes Prom Night Events different?” (see article below) The short answer is… We operate on absolute integrity. We follow all the rules, we promise only what’s possible and we deliver what we promise. Our policy is never to make an offer of something we can’t guarantee to deliver 100% of the time, on time, on budget, as promised.

When we started operations, less than 10% of Sydney schools would sanction school formals. Today 65% our school formals enjoy full school support because we have integrity, honesty, reliability and a 100% success rate history. Most of our clients are regular annual subscribers and we even have schools that trust us with their Year 10,11 and 12 school formals every year under contract.

When you only do one thing, all the time, for two decades, you tend to get really good at it.

Mission Statement

To provide high schools and School Formal organisers the highest possible standards of excellence in venues, choice, features & inclusions while facilitating the most outstanding levels of customer support and service at the most competitive prices within the industry with 100% legal compliance.

Meaningful Guarantee

Prom Night Events guarantees to match or beat the quality and price of any school formal package from any legitimate competitor offering the same package features.

What makes Prom Night Events Different?

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  • We were the first Event Management Company ever to be 100% dedicated to only this market.
  • We have a 100% success rate with every event we’ve ever conducted.
  • We have placed more guests, from more schools, into more School Formals, at more 5-Star venues than any other single company in Australia.
  • We are the only outside agency to be granted exclusive authority to represent the venues that are on our programme to the School Formal market. That means we have clearance to use names, brands, logos, images, products and pricing as the exclusively authorised “re-seller” of those venues. Nobody else has this authority.
  • We are the only company to have security protocols requested by government departments and authorities put into public record as the best model for the safe and secure operation of “Minor’s Functions”.
  • We are the preferred point of first contact for all branches of the media concerning the School Formal industry.
  • We are the only company in the School Formal industry to be invited to lecture at Secondary School association conferences on harm minimisation.
  • We are the only company in possession of the industries most sophisticated and proven systems for the safe and smooth planning and execution of school School Formals .
  • We are the only company selling School Formal packages that actually include all features, costs, charges and taxes openly and transparently in one single final ticket price.
  • We are the only company in the School Formal market that has been partnered with 5-Star venues for so long that we’ve outlasted multiple management teams and even multiple brand changes on each venue.
  • We’re the only company in the School Formal market that understands the features, capabilities, challenges and limitations of the venues when conducting School Formals, better than the venues themselves know.
  • We’re the most comprehensively and highly insured School Formal event company in Australia.
  • We’re the only company in the School Formal market to achieve 89% of our bookings as annual return business from the same schools year after year.
  • We’re the only company in the School Formal market that 5-star venues actually divert their inquiries to as “most highly recommended”, even when some of those venues are not directly associated with us, or hosting our events.
  • We’re the only company in the School Formal market to win industry awards for business excellence.
  • We’re the most trusted company in the School Formal market by schools, committees, venues and suppliers and our integrity, honesty, reliability and professional credibility has been number one consistently for nearly 3 decades.



Meet the Team – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney