Planet Pledge

Planet Pledge – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

Planet Pledge - Prom Night Events - School Formals in Sydney

We’re greener than most! In fact we go out of our way to be kind to the planet.

In 2013 we won an award from the Accor Hotel Group for hosting the first Carbon Neutral School Event in Australia.

Planet 21In 2014 we shifted all decoration items used at our events to either, 100% re-usable, 100% Bio-Degradable or 50% Recyclable.

In 2015 we abolished plastic drinking straws at our events and converted all of our breath testing devices to “passive” model upgrades that require zero consumables.

In 2016 we converted our data management systems to 98% paperless. The remaining paper we use to print on was converted to 50% recycled and 75% of the paper we use now is shredded and recycled again.

In 2017 we introduced paperless ticketing on smartphones for our guests to stay green too.

In 2018 we initiated a plan where staff operate remotely from home and mobile locations wherever possible to reduce travelling to a central office. We also eliminated office-based client meetings by shifting all of our presentation materials to digital online.

In 2019 we finally removed the last of the dreaded plastic by shifting our dessert consumables (like Gelato, Ice Cream, Fairy Floss and Slushy Bars, cups, sticks, spoons, napkins etc) to bio-friendly alternatives such as paper, wood & bamboo.

In 2020 we shifted all of our Balloon Decor over to responsibly-renewable-sourced 100% Biodegradable latex from the worlds leading planet-friendly supplier. 

We’re fairly certain that there’s no event management firm in the School market anywhere in the world with a smaller carbon footprint than Prom Night Events.



Planet Pledge – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney