Parental Consent Form

Your son or daughter has been invited to attend one of our school formal events.

These are extremely safe and legally compliant events, and sometimes we need to go a little further to keep things this way.

The organisers of the formal in question have opted to include a bar area, separate to the main formal area, where adult guests may purchase alcohol. Like any bar, minors are not permitted in this area and drinks aren’t allowed out either.

Under some venue licenses, it’s not appropriate for minors to attend these events unless they’re supervised by responsible people. For this reason, we’re asking for your consent to supervise your son or daughter while at the event, and look out for them as if they were our own children. This means of course that we will do everything we can to assure that they have no access to alcohol.

While your son or daughter may purchase a ticket to the event in question, every ticket MUST correspond to a parental consent record in our system, or they’ll be turned away at the door without refund. In order for us to have that consent, we need you to fill in the form below.

If you have any questions about this, by all means call us during normal business hours or email your questions for a prompt reply.

NOTE: This form is NOT required for guests who will be 18 or over on the night.