Supplier Application

Welcome to the Prom Night Events Supply Tender process. If you’ve made it this far we’re already impressed with you and you’ve been short-listed for possible induction into our 2-tiered supply chain.

Please fill out the form below (read first to prepare your answers) and when you have submitted the form, email any supporting material you wish to add to

The following must be agreed to by each supplier before committing to any booking.

1/ Punctuality – All goods and / or services must be supplied promptly, ready to present to ticket holders no later than half an hour prior to scheduled start time on each event. Any person or goods that are not ready to present by this time may be refused and will not be paid for.

2/ Attire, Grooming & Behaviour – Whether interacting with ticket holders, or merely delivering and setting up before an event, all attendees on site at the venue shall be properly and neatly attired at all times.

Grooming, physical appearance and hygiene must be the highest standards. Suppliers and staff must remember that they are working in 5-star venues representing prestige brandings at all times. Behaviour and observance of venue rules and Prom Night Events policies must be top priority at all times.

Staff of supply companies working on site must be informed and remain aware that the designated MC / Event Manager on the night is Prom Night Event’s most senior representative on site and their call, right or wrong, must be respected and observed without challenge. Only a Prom Night Events Director may supersede such directives.

3/ Equipment – All electrical equipment brought on site must be tagged according to the regulatory OH & S system. Tags must be properly filled out and current. They will be inspected and any offending apparatus will be refused entry to the venue. All other equipment must be accompanied by Workplace Health & Safety certification for method of bump in / out and safety compliance sheets as requested.

4/ Insurance – All suppliers requiring Public Liability Insurance shall produce certificates of currency upon demand by Prom Night Events.

5/ WWCC Clearance (In QLD known as Blue Card) – All staff and suppliers interacting with minors must have completed and passed the Working With Children check and produce certification on demand.

6/ Direct Marketing – No marketing materials, business cards, flyers or any other form of advertising may be left on site, handed to any person or otherwise distributed without permission from Prom Night Events management. Likewise no discussion may be entertained between suppliers and customers, potential customers or any other person concerning costs, services or other concerns relating to the provision of goods and / or services directly to any person / organisation during the time that you, or any person representing you or your organisation, are on duty providing services for Prom Night Events.

Further to this, as a supplier / subcontractor to Prom Night Events, occasions may arise whereby you may be canvassed or approached outside of the normal performance of your duties by clients or those representing clients of Prom Night Events, for the purpose of engaging your services directly in such a way that might interfere with or impede Prom Night Events ability to do commerce with such people or organisations. This is forbidden and any such activities shall result in immediate and irrevocable termination of this supply agreement, and could further expose you or your organisation to subsequent litigation for damages. Likewise it is equally forbidden for you, or those representing you or your organisation, to initiate such canvassing or contact with the same or similar purpose or outcome in mind, and the same resulting exposures would manifest in such cases also.

Further to this, in the event that this agreement is terminated by either party for any reason, the terms of this clause six (6) shall remain in force for a period not exceeding two (2) calendar years beyond the date of termination of the supply agreement.

7/ Access for bump in / out of goods and equipment. It is the responsibility of the supplier to contact the venue and make independent arrangements in respect of the access times, delivery and removal of materials from the venue.


By ticking the box in the form above and submitting the form I am hereby agreeing to the following…

1/ I am committing to undertake this role and relationship on behalf of myself / my firm, and guarantee to provide that which is requested and promised to the highest possible standards.

2/ That I will ensure this is done to exacting specification including times, dates, quantities and costs, guaranteed.

3/ That tasks or jobs accepted by me or this organisation under this supply agreement this job will not be passed on to sub-contractors or third parties without express written permission from Prom Night Events.

4/ That if any of these guarantees are not met I will not expect payment and none shall be given.

5/ That I am fully aware that all requirements regarding staffing, access, transport, consumables, attire, equipment, behaviour and attributes necessary to achieve the performance of this agreement and the corresponding duties resulting from it are completely my responsibility to source, affect or produce.

6/ That I understand that the specifications of each job resulting from this agreement may alter at the discretion of Prom Night Events, or the clients or venues they represent, and in such cases I will be notified with sufficient warning and shall accept and acknowledge such changes.

7/ That the terms of this agreement are subject to, and cannot override, the relevant legislation or regulations relating to contracts and agreements as are duly in force in the state or jurisdiction within which I or my organisation trade/s.