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Meet the Prom Night Events Management Team…
Elliot Kleiner
National Director of Operations
Elliot is regarded as an industry-leading specialist in functions and major events, major venues, event security and teenage marketing. There is no other person in this country with his level of experience in conducting every aspect of School Formals and Minor’s Functions.

He’s spoken on live, national breakfast television as the foremost expert on the subject of school formals, and has run workshops on harm minimisation and liability exposure issues at the NSW Secondary Deputy Principal’s Association Conference, of which Prom Night Events was a sponsor for several years.

Elliot’s proven methodology for teen event management is currently the only model accepted in three states as best practice for the industry and applies a road-map to success.

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Katrina Thorpe
Regional Operations Manager (QLD)
Katrina has a wealth of experience and qualifications in Event Management as well as a really well-established relationship with a huge volume of Australian schools and colleges.

Katrina heads up our Queensland division and is the chief of the Brisbane / Gold Coast regions of the Prom Night family.

She's a savvy entrepreneur with years of experience and success behind several well-known named companies in the School Sector Australia-wide.

Her energy and dedication to the school events market is second to none and we're lucky to have her on the senior management team (and so are YOU!)

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Robert Thorpe
Systems Manager (QLD)

Robert is the "business" end of the Queensland Prom Night operation.

Also working from our Brisbane / Gold Coast headquarters, every official part of the event management, contract management and accounts management system passes by his eyes for expert checking.

While being a man of few words, any words that DO come out of him are usually critically important to the way we deliver your perfect event.

Don't think he's all business and no fun though. Rob has a wicked sense of humour and he's the rock upon which our fun is built.

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Garry Yuen
Chief of Security (NSW)

Garry's position is critical to the NSW Prom Night Programme for all clients regarding security & safety, personnel, equipment, crowd and alcohol management plans & traffic control plans. This also includes extensive licensing and police liaison with the relevant Local Area Commands on behalf of clients to facilitate optimal performance and execution of strategies to deal with violence, crowd behaviour and drug and alcohol abuse at venues and their respective events. Additionally, strategic planning included contingency placement for the increased terror threat level.

Garry employs, trains and Hand-Picks security personnel for induction into the Prom Night Security Protocols, which are the toughest of any Minor's Function Events Australia wide

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Josh Grocock
Chief of Security (QLD)

Josh's contribution to the Queensland Prom Night Programme regarding security & safety, personnel, equipment, crowd and alcohol management plans & traffic control plans is an essential part of our structure. This also includes the application of the Prom Night Security Action Plan, recently granted approval by the the QLD Department of Justice and Attorney-General (OLGR and Licensing) to facilitate optimal performance and execution of strategies to deal with violence, crowd behaviour and drug and alcohol abuse at venues and their respective events. Additionally, strategic planning included contingency placement for the increased terror threat level.

Josh runs a team of top-shelf security personnel, all inducted into the Prom Night Security Protocols, the toughest in the country.

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Anthony Hughes
Chief of Music & Entertainment (NSW)

Anthony brings to the Prom Night team several talents and a wealth of experience. As a Disc Jockey, Anthony is among Sydney’s most sought after event performers and he heads up an enviable stable of DJ’s all of which are at the very top of the industry.

Anthony is also a national award-winning singer / songwriter and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the Australian music industry. He knows music, he knows teen demographic entertainment and he’s a powerful presenter at every formal lucky enough to have him.

This talent and experience is emulated by every member of his DJ team and only the finest performers are hand-picked by Anthony to appear at our formals.

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Matt Bezzina
Chief of Photography (NSW)

Matt has been one of the industry's leading experts in event photography and photographic innovation for 3 decades.

His troop of professional photographers are creative artists and capture every aspect of your formal with some real creative flair.

Matt's own designs for Photo Booth technology are at the top of the industry and all of the NSW Prom Photo Booths are engineered to the specifications of Matt's designs for maximum performance.

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Tom Kleiner CBA
Chief Decorator (NSW)

Tom runs one of Sydney’s biggest and most popular Balloon & Event Decor businesses and has years of experience. He knows the layout of pretty much every Sydney venue and his imaginative and creative ideas for “glamming up” events are the toast of the industry.

He’s the supplier of choice for most of Sydney’s most premier party venues, clubs and major events.

If you choose anything involving balloons as part of your Prom Night package, the design and creation of your dream will be by Tom’s talented hands.

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Belinda Callaghan CBA
Chief Decorator (QLD)

Belinda has been creating fantastic event decor since 2006 and is a CBA (Certified Balloon Artist), an ABA (Accredited Balloon Artist) and member of BASA (Balloon Artists and Supplies Association of Australasia Ltd).

Every year Belinda attends various training events to further her balloon skills and bring new designs to our customers.

In 2015 at the Australian Balloon Convention on the Gold Coast Belinda won 1st Place for her amazing decoration concepts.

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Amelia Johnson
Chief of Event Theming & Styling (NSW)

Amelia holds a Bachelor of Design and is focused and committed on delivering aesthetic and creative design solutions that also address the practical aspects of the event.

Amelia’s work is distinguished by her attention to detail, ability to adapt and respond readily to event developments, clear communication and most importantly articulation of the design concept into reality.

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John Saroukos
Chief Master of Ceremonies / Event Manager (NSW)

John has been leading guests through every kind of event for more years than he probably wants to admit. He’s a consummate professional and speaks several languages.

He’s a favourite with teachers, students and parents alike.

John is quality control personified. Nothing’s too hard for him in terms of the comfort and enjoyment of guests at his formals. He’s a friendly and fun presenter as an MC but behind the scenes he’s a dynamic team leader and knows how to rally the crew to give you the best results on the night.

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Samantha Middleton
Master Of Ceremonies / Event Manager (NSW)

Samantha (Sam) comes with years of event experience from a photographic background.

A friendly and efficient presenter and team leader, Samantha knows how to get the formal moving smoothly and in the right direction at every step of the journey.

Samantha understands that a formal is supposed to be fun and does everything she can to deliver that as the memory that every guest takes with them at the end of the night.

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Mandy Veis
Master Of Ceremonies / Event Manager (NSW)

Mandy is our longest-serving MC and comes with years of event experience.

She's a strong presenter and team leader as well as fully trained to run the "behind the scenes" banqueting operations.

Mandy is all about Customer Service and the "Consumer Experience" and goes out of her way to deliver higher than expectations.

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Jazz Luna
Master Of Ceremonies / Event Manager (NSW)

Jazz is the newest member of the Prom Night MC team and comes with years of event experience from a stage, theatre & dance background.

A young & vibrant personality, Jazz knows how much fun a formal is supposed to be and delivers exactly that.

Jazz is highly trained and skilled in banquet operations and will run your formal crew so that the night runs without a hitch.

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Angela O'Sullivan-Huckel
Master Of Ceremonies / Event Manager (QLD)

Angela (Angie) comes with years of school experience from a teaching background.

A friendly and efficient presenter and team leader, Angie knows how to manage the events team to deliver a smooth and flawless result.

Angie has a great sense of fun and loves being around young people (and dance music).

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