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Our On-Line Ticketing System is state-of-the-art. Every formal has its own private ticket sales page. Every guest can select their preferred seating allocation from a floor plan, enter any special food requirements and see all the details of the formal at the time they securely purchase their tickets.

Lost Tickets

“The dog ate them” – “They went through the wash” – “I lost my wallet” – “My Boyfriend had a bathroom emergency”

You wouldn’t believe the stories we hear about what happened to tickets.

The first thing to remember is DON’T PANIC! If you were issued a ticket in the first place, then your details are already in our system so you will have a seat at the formal no matter what.

Of course the having your ticket in hand when you arrive at the door is by far the smartest option. If you don’t have your ticket on you, we will have to delay things while looking you up through our system. We’d prefer not to hold you (and others) up with that process.

If you purchased your tickets through our TryBooking online ticketing system, then it’s easier than you’d think to get your ticket.

Option 1/ Go back to the original email you received when you first booked. There will be a link to your tickets online for re-printing.

Don’t forget to check your spam folder if you can’t find it – also if running a search, use “trybooking” as the search string and it should come up straight away.

Option 2/ If you’ve lost or deleted the original email, go to the TryBooking web page HERE and enter the email address you originally used for the booking and the system will re-issue another email with a link to your tickets.

Option 3/ If you either didn’t use the online ticketing system, or none of the above works, just show up with photo ID and we’ll look you up manually.

In any case, we look forward to seeing you on the night.

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