Venue Renewal

Venue Participation Renewal Form (Renewals without significant changes)

Note: Dummy Data will be rejected automatically.

If your venue is renewing participation and is not changing any of the criteria, i.e.: pricing, minimums, availability, menu items, read on (especially the Q & A at the bottom) and fill in the FULL form.

This form will, if filled in correctly, take you around 5 minutes to complete.

It is also essential that you comprehensively read and understand the Prom Night Events Information Pack updated for the year you intend to apply to participate in before proceeding.

The form is specially designed not to accept blank fields or incorrectly formatted data.

It is essential that you understand and agree that once you’ve submitted this data, Prom Night Events will continue to offer products and services to the market on your behalf, using this data, until such time as you either submit fresh data, or resign your property from the programme. If we receive no additional submissions from you, it will be understood and agreed that we are still operating on the most recent data received until we are notified otherwise.

We’ve listed here the most frequently asked questions, and answers, that venues think about. Read all of these before filling out the form above to ensure you understand what your responsibilities will be.

Q: As a venue, what criteria does my property have to meet to be eligible to take on this role?

A: The following list must be met by all participating properties. The property must…

1/ be (or have) professional, full time function / banquet facilities including on-site catering and food service.

2/ have full time management and / or function administration staff available during normal business hours to deal with bookings.

3/ be positioned in close proximity to public transport.

4/ be fully enclosed and air-conditioned with controllable lighting.

5/ be easily accessible to disabled persons.

6/ be 4-star rating or higher in status or quality.

7/ have all banquet and service staff cleared through the mandatory “Working with Children Check”, imposed by the state government.

8/ have the appropriate licenses / permits / conditions awarded by the state government for the hosting of “Minor’s Functions”.

9/ have appropriate equipment / procedures / training in place for the safety and security of guests in the event of any emergency / fire / evacuation.

10/ have a maximum capacity not less than 60 Pax, banquet style (10 Pax Rounds) with suitable sized dance floor.

11/ permit the provision of additional package inclusions by Prom Night Events / and it’s suppliers.

12/ permit the use of images / logos / information pertinent to the property and branding for the purpose of marketing and public relations by Prom Night Events.

13/ agree to the operational booking / administration / payment policies of Prom Night Events.


Q: As the signatory representing the property, what are my responsibilities?

A: Quite simply, a signatory submitting this form must be a bona-fide representative of the management and licensee of the property empowered with all necessary decision-making abilities at this level of operations.


Q: What liability would the venue have in the case of any damage to the venue, property or personal injury to anyone attending?

A: Other than that which exists for any normal function operated by your property independently, Prom Night Events adds a further AUD$20M Public Liability Insurance on our Security Operations, A further AUD$10M on each of the areas of property damage and personal injury (Lloyds of London), and Work cover for all our staff and contractors (GIO).


Q: As the venue, what liability do we accept in respect of money and ticket sales?

A: Prom Night Events administers all ticketing and revenue generated from it. The property simply accepts a booking, without initial monetary deposit, however in writing and confirmed, followed by advance full payment around 10 days out from the event (or sooner).


Q: What other responsibilities will we have?

A: Once you join the programme, the price, conditions, menu, space allocation and availability you commit to will be secure for the remainder of that calendar year. Prom Night will make bookings with an expectation that you will honour your promises to us in respect of exclusivity, pricing, quality, availability, compliance and the spirit of cooperation. If we find at any time that the property, or any of its representatives, fail to meet those promises, or these criteria, we reserve the right to cancel bookings without penalty and move them to alternative properties on the programme.


Q: What if this property has multiple function rooms or spaces?

A: An application will need to be filled out for each space separately. This is because the capacities (both min and max) may be different, as may the price of conducting formals in such spaces due to varying fixed overheads at your end.


Once you have read and agreed with all of this section, by all means go to the top of this page and begin filling out your form.