Prom Night Events


In order to get a truly good idea of how your formal went for you, we ask you to take this survey. It looks long but it’s almost all multiple choice and you don’t need to answer every question so it will only take a few minutes.

We truly value your opinions and take all submissions really seriously so by being truly honest and truthful you’ll be helping us to improve what we do for others.


SECTION 1 – A few details about you

If you weren’t on the committee, or, didn’t come to a planning meeting, go straight to section 3.

SECTION 2- At the planning meeting

SECTION 3 – In the months before the formal.

If you weren’t on the committee, go straight to section 4.

On the night of the Prom.

SECTION 4 – The Venue

SECTION 5 – The Security Team

SECTION 6 – The Music

SECTION 7 – MC / Event Manager

SECTION 8 – Photography Package

SECTION 9 – Decorations

If you didn’t have any of the following decorations, go straight to Section 10; Balloons, Table Centrepiece, Flowers, Chair Covers, Coloured Table Linen.

SECTION 10 – Overall Event

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