Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update - Prom Night Events - School Formals in Sydney
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April 5th UPDATE

A very brief update today. We’re in talks constantly with NSW Health and the word is that despite media attention focussed on new “variants” of Omicron appearing in various locations, there’s nothing to suggest that there’s any cause for alarm. These variants are no more dangerous than before and with over 95% of the population now fully vaccinated, their advice and restrictions have not changed. As a result, we remain as before.

February 18th 2022 – UPDATE

As of TODAY the NSW Government has LIFTED all restrictions that affect our events in all Sydney venues.

The key points are…

> No mandatory vaccination of guests

> No mandatory QR Code check ins (but we still recommend highly that you use them)

> No Capacity Limits (in other words, back to normal capacities as at Pre-Covid)

> Dancing and singing is ALLOWED

While these are the main restrictions that had some negative impact on our formals, we still maintain higher than required standards of transmission avoidance in terms of PPE, social distancing measures where practical, and maintain our strongest advice not to attend if you show any Covid symptoms or are Covid-positive.

January 8th 2022 – UPDATE

The NSW Government have issued a new list of incoming restrictions to events (active as of today) in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

One of those will be “No Dancing” in indoor venues. This would of course affect our January events quite significantly. We’re consulting with our venue and supply partners to see what can be done to adjust operations to fit within the new mandates. If you have tickets to any of our events, we will be contacting you directly as soon as we have firm information about your specific event.


Thermal Imaging
at every formal's entry
We set up stations that observe approaching guests and automatically identify individual body temperatures. The system gives our operators audible BEEP's if anyone approaching has a body temperature above normal range.
How it works...
Laser Thermo Gauges
at every formal's entry
If anyone shows an elevated temperature at entry, or they display any other symptoms, we have hand-held thermo devices that take a clinically-accurate body temperature as a secondary test.
How it works...
Hand Sanitiser Stations
at entry and throughout every venue
We position these at entry points, toilets, access between areas and throughout the venue for anyone to be encouraged to use as often as possible.
How it works...
Contact Tracing Registers
Before and during the formals
We collect the relevant tracing data from all guests at the time of ticket purchasing, then again at the venue entry all guests will need to use the Government QR Code and check-in protocols
How it works...
PPE & Safety Equipment
For all staff and any guests who request it.
All security staff will wear approved masks & latex-free gloves at check in and all service & food preparation staff will wear PPE throughout the event unless the government deems it not to be necessary.
How it works...
Identification & Isolation
For any guest demonstrating symptoms
Anyone either arriving at, or when inside, one of our events will be initially and continually visually assessed by Covid-Trained First Aid Staff and isolated with further medical measures imposed if any suspicion arises that Covid may be present.
How it works...
Social Distancing
In floor plans and behaviour
Whether operating under a 4m rule, a 2m rule or any other limitations & mandates, we will constantly be updating our floor plans, logistic plans and social distancing measures. This could affect the voume of people at the event as well as proximity and limits of tables and dance floors.
How it works...
Covid Marshalls
For complete safety control
All of our service staff and security personnel are certified Covid-Marshals. They understand the rules and will help guests maintain the proper behaviour for the safe running of all of our events.
How it works...
Food & Beverage Service Safety
Operated by all venues on our programme
All of our participating venues are fully equipped and staff trained in government-mandated Covid-Safe food and beverage service practices. This includes innovations such as not having anything on banquet tables that are handled by multiple guests and the replacement of such items withy single-serve, disposable alternatives.
How it works...
Superior Information
Before and during the formals
From the initial ticket purchasing, right throughout the planning stages, the notification of rules and again on the night, we provide every guest a full and comprehensive set of information as it becomes either different or necessary to update. This covers all aspects of the event likely to affect them and is designed to keep everyone well informed ahead of time.
How it works...
Constant Authority Contact
Throughout the year
We have contacts at the very top of various government departments and hospitality industry leaders. With these connections, we are always at the very cutting edge of procedural updates and relevant information as, and often before, it becomes available to media and public. This helps us plan better and keep you informed of changing conditions as they become known.
How it works...
Full Refund Assurance
Via different methods
If the event is cancelled due to any Government mandate concerning health, all tickets become instantly refundable and all money is sent back to ticket purchasers with explanations without delay. In the event that the event goes ahead but YOU personally may not be able to attend, we have the optional TikCover refund assurance programme available (conditions apply)
How it works...

Coronavirus Update - Prom Night Events - School Formals in Sydney

If you have other questions needing answers directly, email us and we’ll get back to you promptly.