Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update - Prom Night Events - School Formals in Sydney

September 23rd 2021 – UPDATE

During yesterday’s media conference, NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian mentioned, in a fleeting comment, that NSW School Formals would be approved to go ahead, provided they are booked to take place in either November or December, and that further details would be forthcoming from NSW Health.

Today’s media conference was hosted by the Minister for Health but no mention was made of Formals at all. We are seeking direct information from the state government in relation to this and will post here anything that we discover.

September 15th 2021 – UPDATE

It’s OFFICIAL! According to the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, as was said with unequivocal assurity during this morning’s live Covid Press Briefing, all ticketed events in indoor settings at any function or event venues, even beyond 70% or even 80% double vaccination rate statewide, will only be allowing entry and service to Certified, Double Dose Vaccinated patrons.

“This will be Mandated, it will be in the Health Order, and it will be Law.” While details are as yet unclear about penalties that will be imposed on businesses and premises operators that allow unvaccinated patrons entry, it is extremely clear that it will be illegal for those event operators and venues to allow entry to any person who is not fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

In Short – Nobody will be attending any School Formals in 2021 unless they are fully vaccinated.

September 11th 2021 – UPDATE

This morning’s official announcements from the NSW Government did not include any information specific to School Formals. From that omission, and other information related to the “roadmap out of lockdown” from prior announcements of this week, we can reasonably assume that there’s no reason why Formals would not be going ahead. This time last year we’d already had several bulletins and rules created specifically for Formals. We have no reason to assume they will be any different since we’re in a better overall position now than we were this time in 2020 (when we had zero vaccinations).

Having said that, we are (as a state) today at 44.5% of people over 16 years of age fully vaccinated and 77% are single-dosed, with the assumption that almost all of those are committed to a second dose within the next month. It is when we reach 70% that the government is committed to lifting SOME restrictions that relate to venues and events. There would doubtless be a 1 person per 4 square metre rule and potential venue capacity ceilings imposed. At 80%+ full vaccination, it would be fair to assume that a 2 square metre without venue capacity ceilings would apply, as they did in 2020.

The biggest and most important point to take from this week’s announcements is that these potential freedoms will only apply to the FULLY VACCINATED. And that means that even if venue capacity restrictions are lifted, only fully vaccinated guests will most likely be permitted to attend.

Our strongest advice from this point is in 2-parts…

    1. Buy your tickets NOW because if they do impose venue capacity ceilings, this may limit the number of tickets that we can sell and you won’t want to be left out. If the restrictions change for the worse, and we are forced by rules to cancel the formal, you will receive a FULL REFUND.
    2. Whether you have already purchased tickets, or if you intend to in the near future, actually attending these Formals, even with a ticket, will most likely depend on you having proof of full vaccination so go and get your jab/s organised right now!

September 10th 2021 – Update

NSW Government announcements this morning reveal that the date for the end of this year’s HSC is solidly set at December 3rd.

This gives thousands of students and parents some relief from the worry of wondering how that schedule will roll out.

As a result of our strong Covid measures, not one, NOT ONE, transmission of Covid-19 occurred at any of our events during the height of the pandemic season of 2020 and 2021 tens of thousands of school leavers enjoyed fantastic formal events without risk or illness. That’s a 100% record of success that we’re very proud of.

We intend to continue with precisely the same protocols in place. Onward we go!


Thermal Imaging
at every formal's entry
We set up stations that observe approaching guests and automatically identify individual body temperatures. The system gives our operators audible BEEP's if anyone approaching has a body temperature above normal range.
How it works...
Laser Thermo Gauges
at every formal's entry
If anyone shows an elevated temperature at entry, or they display any other symptoms, we have hand-held thermo devices that take a clinically-accurate body temperature as a secondary test.
How it works...
Hand Sanitiser Stations
at entry and throughout every venue
We position these at entry points, toilets, access between areas and throughout the venue for anyone to be encouraged to use as often as possible.
How it works...
Contact Tracing Registers
Before and during the formals
We collect the relevant tracing data from all guests at the time of ticket purchasing, then again at the venue entry all guests will need to use the Government QR Code and check-in protocols
How it works...
PPE & Safety Equipment
For all staff and any guests who request it.
All security staff will wear approved masks & latex-free gloves at check in and all service & food preparation staff will wear PPE throughout the event unless the government deems it not to be necessary.
How it works...
Identification & Isolation
For any guest demonstrating symptoms
Anyone either arriving at, or when inside, one of our events will be initially and continually visually assessed by Covid-Trained First Aid Staff and isolated with further medical measures imposed if any suspicion arises that Covid may be present.
How it works...
Social Distancing
In floor plans and behaviour
Whether operating under a 4m rule, a 2m rule or any other limitations & mandates, we will constantly be updating our floor plans, logistic plans and social distancing measures. This could affect the voume of people at the event as well as proximity and limits of tables and dance floors.
How it works...
Covid Marshalls
For complete safety control
All of our service staff and security personnel are certified Covid-Marshals. They understand the rules and will help guests maintain the proper behaviour for the safe running of all of our events.
How it works...
Food & Beverage Service Safety
Operated by all venues on our programme
All of our participating venues are fully equipped and staff trained in government-mandated Covid-Safe food and beverage service practices. This includes innovations such as not having anything on banquet tables that are handled by multiple guests and the replacement of such items withy single-serve, disposable alternatives.
How it works...
Superior Information
Before and during the formals
From the initial ticket purchasing, right throughout the planning stages, the notification of rules and again on the night, we provide every guest a full and comprehensive set of information as it becomes either different or necessary to update. This covers all aspects of the event likely to affect them and is designed to keep everyone well informed ahead of time.
How it works...
Constant Authority Contact
Throughout the year
We have contacts at the very top of various government departments and hospitality industry leaders. With these connections, we are always at the very cutting edge of procedural updates and relevant information as, and often before, it becomes available to media and public. This helps us plan better and keep you informed of changing conditions as they become known.
How it works...
Full Refund Assurance
Via different methods
If the event is cancelled due to any Government mandate concerning health, all tickets become instantly refundable and all money is sent back to ticket purchasers with explanations without delay. In the event that the event goes ahead but YOU personally may not be able to attend, we have the optional TikCover refund assurance programme available (conditions apply)
How it works...

Coronavirus Update - Prom Night Events - School Formals in Sydney

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