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This is where you can read, research and download a variety of valuable resources designed to assist organising committees to navigate the sometimes difficult waters of school formal planning.

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There are 2 people offering to book your school formal. Who do you trust?
Advice and Download Centre - Prom Night Events - School FormalsThe Function Centre Rep

This guy sells “Budget” school formal packages, around $85 – $99 per head but there will usually be another $35-$45 per head in hidden costs later. You won’t find that out until you’ve signed the contract.

He’ll show you the room but he won’t tell you how many other events will be booked into the same place on the same night as yours. Many times you’ll be moved to a different room than the one you were first shown, and sometimes, a different venue altogether.

He includes the most basic stuff that everyone else offers but if you want any extras you have to find it all yourself.

If he gets a better offer, he’ll cancel your booking without hesitation, probably when it’s too late to get another venue anywhere.

Good luck getting your bond back!

Advice and Download Centre - Prom Night Events - School FormalsThe Authorised Venue Agent

This is an Event Management Professional with all the right credentials. She has exclusive contracts in place to represent all the Internationally Branded venues and top Hospitality Industry-Recognised suppliers.

She’s the only one that can create all the most suitable options at the guaranteed lowest prices.

She puts everything in writing and is available to help you 7 days per week until it’s all perfect.

Everything you need for your formal is built into the package, including all the optional extras, and every item is declared in the paperwork so you know that there are no hidden costs to surprise you later.

The venue you’re shown is always the one you get. Your booking is the only booking in that venue on the night and there’s no such thing as a better offer so your formal will never be moved or cancelled.

She never charges you a bond and any deposits (rarely needed) are refunded BEFORE the formal*.

Get the answer wrong and your one opportunity for a dream school formal could end up being a complete disaster. Don’t gamble with something so important.

START HERE! 8-Step School Formal Plan

If you’re starting your school formal plans from absolute zero – this is the best place to start. This gives you 8 steps that will, in order, get you well on your way with a minimum of fuss and bother.

What Makes Prom Night Events Different

This is an overview of how to fairly compare both “Packages” and “Companies” when out in the school formal market. By listing the points of “similarity” and eliminating them, then the points of “Difference” make the choices easy.

Explaining Venue Relationships

If you’ve seen anyone else in the marketplace advertising that they can book you into any venues that you see in our list, this will explain just why that’s not true.

The History of the Prom

This is an overview of how the phenomenon started, where it came from, and how it’s turned into the social icon we know today. This also explains the differences between a “School Formal” and a “Prom”. Good reading!

Planning Fact Sheets
Explaining Organising Committees

This covers the upsides and downsides you’ll experience when forming, and working within, an organising committee. It shows you how to avoid conflict and get the right decisions made quickly and efficiently.

What to “Watch Out” for

This explains what dirty tricks the shonky dealers out there will use on you and how to best protect yourself so you don’t get ripped off.

How to raise formal ticket money

This exlains the average cost of a school formal ticket in Sydney and gives you 20 great suggestions for how to raise the money to cover that cost.

Explaining Licenses (Venues)

This covers the different kinds of venue licenses and permits that are needed before you can make a booking.

What are the REAL costs of a “budget” formal?

This gives you the tips on how to compare packages properly and fairly. It shows you how to spot the hidden costs that some people’s packages try to conceal from you.

How Prom Night Events works

This is an overview that explains how the process works when you let us take care of the planning of the event for you.

Explaining Sydney Venues

This explains the relationship that Prom Night Events has with the big internationally branded venues, and how you get access to venues nobody else can offer you.

Prom Night Events Base Package

This explains the details of what’s included in every school formal package we sell.

Prom Night Events Optional Inclusions List

This covers the details on all of the amazing optional extra inclusions you can add to a Prom Night Events basic package.

Choosing the right venue

This covers the pitfalls of the various types of venues out there competing for your school formal. It shows you what to watch out for and gives you great comparisons for comparing “Budget” and “Prestige” venues.

Sensible Shoes

This gives you a list of things to think about when selecting your ideal School Formal footwear.

To MC or NOT to MC

This explains the true role of an MC, what the differences are between having one and not having one.

Don’t drink! It’s not worth it tonight

This explains the true role of a school formal MC, what the differences are between having one and not having one.

Fancy Dress Disasters

This explains what can go wrong when you try to put on a Fancy Dress formal.

How late is TOO late to book?

This explains the annual timetable for the school formal market, when to book, when not to book and what can go wrong if you leave it too late.


This covers the sort of things you’d never think about when arranging your transport to and from the school formal.

Why the school won’t support the formal

This explains the reasons that cause school administrators to back away from school formals and what you can and can’t do to counteract that lack of support.

Photography or Fraud?

This talks about the various types of photographers, their methods and how to protect yourself from the low quality operators.

Security. The one place you THINK you can’t get ripped off

This covers what proper security for a well run school formal is supposed to be, and what venues can and can’t get away with when adding security to a School Formal package.

Critical Non-Essentials

Often when comparing packages and formals, it’s hard to see the differences between everything people are trying to sell you. Look beyond the obvious and take a look at the intangible things, the things you can’t see or those which aren’t obvious. That’s where the true value can be found.

*-Minimum required ticket sales required.



Advice and Download Centre – Prom Night Events – School Formals