Formal Fundraising

We know that most committees seek fun & interesting ideas for fundraising.

This is a great way to get ticket prices down for your school formal, or to use the school formal as a way to raise money for your school, or other worthwhile charity organisations.

As we find new and interesting fundraising ideas, we’ll put those resources here for you so check in from time to time.

The following are some links to some well established and useful fundraising ideas….


THIS is our pick for the most fun, fastest, most awesome way to raise funds for subsidising the cost of your Formal or raising deposit money.


Fastlane Karting is Sydney’s premier Go-Karting facility and they have special packages worked out to fit in with the Prom Night Events concept. You can take a package, invite your friends, and enjoy a single day there that will raise your entire deposit for any of our premium formal packages in one go, and you’ll have an absolutely awesome time doing it.


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are a winner with everyone. They have a very active fundraising programme and can prepare specially marked boxes of doughnuts at vastly reduced rates for you.


Who doesn’t like Cadbury Chocolates?

Cadbury have been one of the most popular fundraising products for decades.


Pure Gelato is about the most delicious way to raise funds we’ve ever experienced.

Their fundraising products and programmes are fun, simple and they work!