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Dr Rod KeffordFrom the desk of Dr Rod Kefford

(Barker College Head Master Ret.)…

Dear Head Masters / Principals,

I am pleased to provide this Letter of Introduction for Prom Night Events, with whom Barker College has had a close association for the past ten years. This year Prom Night will host our Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 formals.


Prom Night specialises in organising, arranging and providing a variety of social functions for young people of secondary school age, and has achieved an enviable reputation for the quality service they provide to students, parents and school communities alike. Moreover, they are the Event Organiser of Choice for Sydney’s leading city hotels and functions venues, many of which simply do not, as a matter of policy, host social events for school-aged students.

Barker’s experience in working with Prom Night staff over the past years enables us to state without reservation that:

Prom Night Events has a 20+-year history of successful experience with the planning and execution of formals for secondary-school-aged young people.

Prom Night Events in Barker’s experience are enjoyable and appropriately “glamorous” occasions for all those who attend. Their staff have a clear understanding of the expectations of school and school communities such as ours.

Prom Night Events has proven to us that it has effective and efficient systems for planning and running events such as these, and their staff members in each area of their organisation are appropriately trained and experienced.

Prom Night Events guarantees that its functions are conducted in full compliance with N.S.W. laws regarding Minors and Security. This includes protection against students bringing alcohol or other substances into the venue, as well as effectively and appropriately excluding uninvited people and preventing inappropriate or disruptive behaviour.

Prom Night Events provides Insurance Certification indicating up to $60,000,000.00 worth of comprehensive insurance cover on every event.

Prom Night Events special school formal packages contain inclusions and features sought by young people these days, and yet in our experience they also offer best value for money relative to other providers, or even for school-initiated and school-managed functions.

An attractive feature of our relationship with Prom Night Events is their active involvement in fundraising for a wide variety of charity organisations. Prom Night seeks to promote the involvement of schools in those kinds of activities and supports Student Councils and leadership groups for their own charity work.

Prom Night Events offers significant discounts for attending teachers, and Principals and their partners are invited to attend formals at no cost.

Our experience in working with Prom Night has been entirely satisfactory from every possible point of view. I would be happy to share details of our experience with you personally if you would like to speak to me about it.

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely, Roderic Kefford,  Headmaster, Barker College Hornsby


Testimonials – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

Testimonials from recent Formals!!!

Here’s a coupe of typical response to some survey questions after formals we conducted…

Sarah Hatch - Year 10 Advisor
St Catherine's Girl's School
Just some feedback - I think that Joanna was very efficient and prompt in replying to emails and I am a person that likes getting things done efficiently so I appreciated her quick response to everything. I also liked the constant reminders of things that I should have done that slipped my mind. It was far easier than school formals I have done in the past, as students could buy their ticket online and select their table and put food choices in straight away. I really liked that students could pick their music and enter choices for music, food, decorations online. I thought the security entry was amazing. The process was very straightforward and saved me a lot of time. The fact that someone did all the leg work for me was awesome. Finding the venue, package, additions, and all choices online. This was a massive process for me in previous years. The things that appealed to me as a year adviser were Definitely safety, security and that all students are looked after well. I like package inclusions and then someone else helping with the organisation as year advisers are generally very busy. Thanks so much, we had a great time. Sarah Hatch – Year 10 Advisor – St Catherine’s Girl’s School
Libby Bennett - Head of Middle School
Barker College
I thought that I should give you a Year Coordinators perspective of dealing with you rather than just me as mine would be totally glowing! The set up on the night was great and the event manager for the night was good. The food was excellent and the girls just loved the cupcakes and the ferris wheel ! The fact that you were looking after the ticket information was critical, this is a major part of why we deal with Prom Night events as they do this so very well. To me, the best things were the ease at which is can be done, being able to be contacted if there is a question, being quick to response to questions, provides information (table arrangements quickly). Fantastic to deal with professional people who know their stuff. We are extremely happy with Prom Night Events and would definitely recommend them. Thank you. – Libby Bennett, Head of Middle School Barker College
Fran Binns - Committee Parent
Mercy Catholic College
Just a short note to thank you and the team for managing the Year 10 Mercy College Formal this week. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the girls. The whole event went ahead without any issues and the venue was spectacular for everlasting photographic memories. Please pass on our gratitude to the team and any one else involved. Thanks and warm regards, Fran

Testimonials – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

From Teachers…

The following are Testimonials from Teachers & School Administrators…

Noel Morris
St George Girls High
After you having conducted the last 2 formals so well, I was wanting to discuss with you the possibility of getting someone from Prom Nights to come out to our school to discuss with me and the other deputy and the principal the pros and cons of having prom Night do our year 10, 11 and 12 formals. I’m quite keen but the principal would like a full discussion with someone from your organisation. Noel Morris, Deputy Principal, St George Girls High School, Treasurer NSW Secondary Deputy Principals Association
Letticia Milner
Hurlstone Agricultural High
Thanks for your generosity in supplying us with the discounted tickets and the 3 free ones for the staff, that is great! This is very much appreciated. When I meet with next years Yr 12 formal committee later this term I will certainly be encouraging them to consider working with Prom Night again. Thanks again, Letticia Milner, Teacher, Hurlstone Agricultural High
Ashleigh Perriera
De La Salle College Ashfield
A big thank you for another well run evening. Ashley Perriera, Teacher, De La Salle College Ashfield
Hurlstone Agricultural College
I, personally, was very impressed with the way you and your team helped our committee every step of the way and would not hesitate to recommend your company to others. Regards, Tracey, Teacher – Hurlstone Agricultural College
Kelly Hasttersley
Davidson High School
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for our lovely formal on Wednesday night. The kids loved it and had a fantastic time. The venue was great and the DJ was outstanding and really made the night because he played all the right songs (Trust me … we have had some terrible DJs in the past!!). Your security team was highly professional and did a great job to make the kids feel secure and comfortable. They had a ball. In a few weeks I need to start preparations and bookings for next year’s formal as the kids have asked me to do it for them next year too so I will be in touch. Thanks once again and I will be in touch soon… Thanks, Kelly Hattersley, Teacher, Davidson High School
Dr Krishnaveni Ganeson
Asquith Girls High
I wanted to Thank You for the excellent Yr 12 Formal. Your Mandy was amazing and the security too. All the staff present were also very impressed with the service your company provided, including the Principal, and we have asked next Year’s Yr 12 Year Adviser to go with you and she would be contacting you next year when she is ready. Thanks again, Dr Krishnaveni Ganeson, Teacher, Asquith Girls High
Maria Felicietti
Strathfield Girls High
A BIG thank you is due to you and your crew. The formal was a great success. (I even enjoyed it.) The outside area away from the noise was a great sanity saver. Thanks. Maria Felicietti – Teacher – Strathfield Girls High

Testimonials – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

From Students…

The following are Testimonials from Students & Committee Members…

Wilson Cen
Sydney Boys High
I would like to express on behalf of, Sydney Boys High School graduating class our greatest appreciation and gratitude towards your time, service and patience in organising our formal. To me personally, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.
I can firmly say, alongside those who attended the formal, it was a night we will remember for the rest of our lives. As the completion of high school marks a small milestone in our lives, it is important that we celebrate this event in a memorable manner and you (Prom Night Events) have helped us achieve that. At first, I was sceptical of entrusting our big formal night upon a business I knew very little about. However upon meeting you, I was not only welcomed with warm smiles, comfortable lounges and free soft drinks but offered a service I could never have hoped to find anywhere else. I would also like to explicitly express my thank you to the team, who answered my repetitive and sometimes annoying emails. Not only was everyone patient but extremely helpful when things became stressful. My MC on the night, Johnny was also enormously helpful and patient. Anthony, my on the night DJ, is one of the nicest and chilled DJ’s I’ve met (don’t lose him!). A word of advice for future organisers would be that Prom Night Events is your stepping stone to the formal you have always imagined. I was told by many of my peers and their dates that this formal was one of the most entertaining and enjoyable they’ve attended. It is up to the organisers to make it personal and heart-felt, Prom Night Events cannot help you make the speeches or awards! However, they can do everything else and do it perfectly. Once again, THANK YOU for making our formal not only possible but a night to remember for a very long time. I wish you all the very best in your business and I will be referring you to everyone I can reach out to! Warm regards, Wilson Cen, Year 12 Formal Committee – Sydney Boys High
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Sam Tait
Chevalier College
I’d just like to say thank you so much for an awesome night. It all went well, and I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time. Thanks again. Sam Tait – Student – Chevalier College Year 12
Anthea Mentzalis
Concord High
I just wanted to tell you that the formal night was a hit! It was really awesome! Everyone enjoyed it, and people were even asking me if I could organise the next one. They even managed to pool their money and get me a present Thankyou for helping me, and doing everything. I really appreciate everything you did, so thankyou very very much. Thanks Helen, for a wonderful night, and wonderful help. Talk to you in the future. Anthea Mentzalis – Student – Concord High Year 10
Bladon Moriarty
Ku-Ring-Gai High
A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone at Prom Night Events especially you. You made our night one we will never forget. Thanks again, The KCAHS Formal Committee and Students =) Bladon Moriarty – Student Ku-Ring-Gai High Year 12
Matthew Scott
Marist College
Thanks for organising a great night on Friday, the music was awesome. Is there any way that we could get a copy of the set the DJ played that night Thanks again. Matthew Scott – Student – Marist College Year 10
Mina Kitsos
Sefton High
I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and our formal. We all had an incredible night and we could not have done it without you! I hope others can have the joy of experiencing what we did. (I know, cheesy, but so true!) All the best, x Mina Mina Kitsos – Student – Sefton High Year 10
Casey Hall
East Hills Girls High
Thank you so much for everything you did for us, planning and on the night of the formal. Everyone had a great night. I’ll recommend your company to the yr 12 for next year, thanx Casey.” Casey Hall – Student – East Hills Girls High Year 12
Louise Tran
Sydney Girls High
Thank you so much X 1000000 for helping me get through the formal. It was a great night overall, and the best one I’ve been to so far. It’s been so much easier for us having someone so nice take care of almost everything for us! We were lucky to get such a beautiful place and a wonderful MC. Thanks a bunch again, Louise Tran – Student Formal Committee Member, Sydney Girls High, Year 10
Julia Islam
James Ruse Agricultural High
Dear Prom Night Events, On behalf of all the students of James Ruse Agricultural High School Year 12 2007, I would like to thank you for taking the time to organise our Formal. Thank you for organising a very special night that we all immensely enjoyed. It was a memorable and lovely way to end our time at James Ruse High School. Everything from the decorations to the food was done to the highest standard. Your time and patience throughout the whole process has been invaluable. Again, thank you so much. We greatly appreciate all the effort that you put into our Formal. Best regards, Julia Islam, Student – James Ruse Agricultural High School Year 12
James Twigg
Barker College
Just a quickie to say thanks for giving everyone a great night on Monday. Lots of positive feedback. Cheers,” James Twigg – Student, Formal Committee Member Barker College Year 12
Nick Grimes
Sydney Boys High
Just emailing to say thank you for everything you’ve done! The formal was a great night and everybody enjoyed it. The work involved for Alex, Aditya and I was far less than we haveexperienced in the past and everything fell into place without a hitch. Couldn’t have thought of a better way to go about school formals! I’ll be passing details onto next years Year 12. Thanks for everything, Nick Grimes – Student, Formal Committee Member, North Sydney Boys High Year 12
Carmen Lieu
Sydney Girls High
Last night went off fantastically – I know everyone was very impressed by the service, and there were no major problems. The MC and DJ were great, and were in constant communication with us as to the structure of the night. In all, the night was highly enjoyable, so thank you very much for your help in organising this! Carmen Lieu, Student, Formal Committee Member Sydney Girls High Year 12
Vivienne Tye
Rose Bay Secondary College
It was nice to see you (very briefly) on formal night. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help with the formal. It was a great night and I’m sure everyone who attended had a fabulous time. Hopefully we can work together again for another great formal sometime in the future. Kind Regards, Vivienne Tye, Student, Formal Committee, Rose Bay Secondary College Year 10
Dina Garagounis
Bonnyrigg High
It was a fantastic night. Thank you for all your organisation and support to the lead up. You were great and made the process soooo much easier. I really really appreciate everything that you have done. The staff were fantastic on the night and the service was wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!!!!!!! Kind regards Dina Garagounis – Student – Bonnyrigg High Year 12
MacKellar Girls High
You have been so supportive throughout this whole thing. We can’t thank you enough We will certainly be mentioning an recommending Prom Night Events to anyone who asks. Mikaela – MacKellar Girls Year 12
The Kings School
Please thank your team of security and staff as I believe they did a wonderful job. The food was nice and they all stayed till near the end which is testament to a good night. I will certainly pass on your details to the new school captain’s mother when announced. Kerry – TKS Year 12
The Formal Committee
St George Girls High
Can’t believe that the formal is Monday! Thanks for all your patience and organisation St George Girls Year 12 Formal Committee
The Formal Committee (Year 10)
St George Girls High
Thank you so much for organising and MCing last night, everyone had an amazing time 🙂 We really appreciate it! Lots of love from the Year 10 Formal Committee – St George Girls High School
Rose Bay Secondary College
Just wanted to give you a massive thank you on behalf of everyone that came on Monday night. It was so much fun and ran smoother than anything our grade has ever been involved in haha Thanks again and best of luck for the future, Dana, Rose Bay Secondary College
North Sydney Boys High
I would just like to extend a massive thank you to everyone at Prom Night Events, and especially your efforts, Helen, which culminated in a very memorable formal last Thursday night! All the feedback that I have heard suggests that everyone enjoyed the evening, with some girls even noting they had more fun at our formal then their own one! The Shangri-La was truly a magnificent venue, and everyone loved the food, with the rib eye being noted most often! Everything that was present at the venue was of top notch quality, and personally I think the rose for each girl is a very lovely touch. Once again, I’d like to thank you for your patience and commitment to our formal, made our lives much easier, and eliminated many potential problems! Warm Regards, Scott – North Sydney Boys High School
Unnamed School
On behalf of my entire year, just wanted to express the biggest thankyou possible for coordinating our year 12 formal! After hearing the responses from everyone at graduation yesterday, everybody had an amazing and memorable night . I was so happy with how everything turned out on the night. The ferris wheel, great food, incredible venue and dancefloor will be awesome memories for years to come. It was also great having you there on the night, sorry I didn’t come and say goodbye! I’ll definitely be recommending prom night events to the year 11’s for next years formal. It’s been such a pleasure working with you over the past few months, and I wish you all the best in all future formal endeavours!! Thanks again on behalf of the Steph, Fei Ni and I, Kind Regards, Emma xx

Testimonials – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney

From Parents…

The following are Testimonials from Parents and P & C Members…

Catherine and Michael Formosa
Thank you Elliot for all your hard work in coordinating this event. My son and his partner had a wonderful happy, carefree night and we as parents felt it was a very well organised, safe event and we were not worried at all about how the kids would behave or their safety. Again thank you for your kindness, patience and wonderful organisational skills – nothing left to chance Regards, Catherine and Michael Formosa (very appreciative parents)
Jennifer Stewart
The Kings School
Dear Elliot, Once again thank you for the superb job Prom Nights and yourself did for the King’s School Formal. It was amazingly smooth and I’m grateful for the personal care and attention to detail that made the night a huge success for all. Thanks again, Jennifer Stewart” (chief parent committee organiser)
Karen Charlwood
Newington College
Just a quick note to say thank-you so much for all your help and organisation. They all had a great time. Karen Charlwood – Parent – Newington College Year 10
Rosemary Sutton
Fort Street High
Over the phone information and help was fabulous. Overall EXCELLENT service. Rosemary Sutton – Parent and Signatory Fort Street High
Donna Phillips
PLC Croydon
Mandy (event manager), and all other facets were fabulous on the night. Would highly recommend your service. Donna Phillips – Parent and Signatory PLC Croydon Year 10
Shane Richardson
Rose Bay Secondary College
From our initial consultation, right through the entire process, we received an excellent, friendly and professional service. If you could go by the photos and talk to the children, they had the night of their lives – all thanks to Prom Night Events. We would recommend you to all and will DEFINITELY use the service for our Year 12 Formal. Shane Richardson – Parent and Signatory Rose Bay Secondary College
Christine Cole
Newtown Performing Arts High
The formal was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and I would like to thank Prom Night Events for looking after all the details so well. We really only had to organise numbers and collect money, everything else was taken care of. Your guidance in the early planning stages was also extremely helpful. We will certainly remember you for Year 12. Christine Cole – Parent and Signatory Newtown Performing Arts High Year 10
Barker College
I am writing to you to pass on my congratulations as a parent for such a well organized and smooth running Formal. Well done to the committee and your team – their hard work has paid off. To you – congratulations to your company – what a great business. Hopefully the school are made aware that there was no trouble and the students (on the whole) were well behaved. I am sure there are times when all doesn’t run so well but this was amazing. Again, thank you. Kerry – Parent – Barker College Year 10
Sarah Rosen
Newington College
From the boys (and parents) it has all been positive, everyone seemed to have a great time and all got home safely. I have had a couple of emails from parents saying thank you so I would like to pass that on to you and your team. Regards, Sarah Rosen – Parent Newington College
Janeen Molesworth
Barker College
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that the feedback from last night was extremely positive. The kids had a great time. Thanks to you and your team for another great function. Janeen Molesworth – Parent, Barker College Year 11

Testimonials – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney



Testimonials – Prom Night Events – School Formals in Sydney