Coronavirus Update

We’re Registered with the NSW Government as Covid-Safe

Please bookmark and check in periodically with us on this page for updates as we roll forward.

July 27th 2021 – Update

Official word that the 2021 HSC dates have been pushed by a week. We have already re-scheduled all of our affected formals to new dates with venues and suppliers remaining the same.

The new focus of attention is the Term 3 September events. As lockdown extends and daily transmission numbers fail to improve, it is our strong recommendation that any events set for September be also re-scheduled to a later date, post-HSC.

July 12th 2021 – Update

Sydney’s lockdown has been extended and restrictions on events have been imposed for JULY as follows…

2 Square Metre Rule Applies to venue capacities

Dance Floors are not permitted

To be clear – this DOES NOT extend to events in September and beyond. It is only a temporary measure while the government gets a handle on the Covid-Delta strain outbreak in Sydney.

At this time, the message for 2021 Formals and Valedictory Dinners is STATUS QUO. Proceeding as normal. Buy your tickets and make your plans.

Things to take note of going forward…

The NSW Government Dine & Discover Vouchers are welcome to be used for the purchase of formal tickets until the end of August.

In the event of State or Federal Government mandates that would cause the formal to be cancelled, all tickets and fees are 100% refundable.

We are monitoring the situation and we receive regular updates from our contacts within NSW Government and will keep updating this information as it becomes necessary.

June 9th 2021 – Update

The NSW Government has implemented a more streamlined approach to Covid-Safety Plans for events. Now a single registration of a single plan covers all events operated under the same conditions instead of a fresh registration per event.

This, combined with increasingly positive numbers coming out of statistics related to community transmission of the virus, is seen as a great indicator that we’re coming out of the Covid-darkness. The first of this year’s Formals have already been conducted with no issues at closer to normal capacity (still under the 2 square metre rule) and there’s nothing to suggest at this stage that the remainder of the 2021 Formal season will be anything but “normal”.

If anyone has not yet secured a venue and package for the 2021 season, you are strongly advised to contact us immediately as Sydney venues are filling dates up FAST! There is an immense shortage of premium venues, given that most of the 4 and 5-Star Hotels in Sydney are still on the Return Traveller’s Quarantine Programme. Fortunately ALL of the major hotels that ARE NOT under quarantine are exclusively managed by Prom Night Events for all school formal events.

March 29 2021 – Restrictions eased both Federally and by State.

Latest points of relevance to Formals in 2021…

Gatherings with parents, caretakers and community members at school events can continue with a Covid-Safety Plan in place.

Students can mix with other year groups or other cohorts for all school-related activities.

School performances, productions, plays and other events can continue. When holding events at external venues, all external venues and providers must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.” – Federal Government Restrictions for New South Wales (Education, schools and childcare).

There are no restrictions on dancing, including nightclubs. Entertainment venues including stadiums and theatres can have 100 per cent seated capacity indoors. Mandatory guest check in must continue.”Federal Government Restrictions for New South Wales (Entertainment and community).

February 2021 – Welcome to Term 1 and what we believe and hope will be a normal year for schools and formals nationwide.

The 2020 season was challenging to say the least, however we got through by implementing the following steps…

1/ We liaised closely and regularly with our friends at the highest levels of State Government to get up-to-the-minute data and advice.

2/ We introduced the most stringent and comprehensive protocols the events industry has ever seen, including Digital Thermal Imaging, PPE and Personal Safety protocols for all of our staff, suppliers and venue personnel, accurate and updated contact tracing registers.

3/ Logistics planning, floor plans, venue layouts, access control systems and social distancing measures that were effective yet still workable and fun.

As a result of these measures, not one, NOT ONE, transmission of Covid-19 occurred at any of our events during the height of the pandemic season of 2020 and tens of thousands of school leavers enjoyed fantastic formal events without risk or illness. That’s a 100% record of success that we’re very proud of.

We intend to continue 2021 with precisely the same protocols in place. Onward we go!


Thermal Imaging
at every formal's entry
We set up stations that observe approaching guests and automatically identify individual body temperatures. The system gives our operators audible BEEP's if anyone approaching has a body temperature above normal range.
How it works...
Laser Thermo Gauges
at every formal's entry
If anyone shows an elevated temperature at entry, or they display any other symptoms, we have hand-held thermo devices that take a clinically-accurate body temperature as a secondary test.
How it works...
Hand Sanitiser Stations
at entry and throughout every venue
We position these at entry points, toilets, access between areas and throughout the venue for anyone to be encouraged to use as often as possible.
How it works...
Contact Tracing Registers
Before and during the formals
We collect the relevant tracing data from all guests at the time of ticket purchasing, then again at the venue entry all guests will need to use the Government QR Code and check-in protocols
How it works...
PPE & Safety Equipment
For all staff and any guests who request it.
All security staff will wear approved masks & latex-free gloves at check in and all service & food preparation staff will wear PPE throughout the event unless the government deems it not to be necessary.
How it works...
Identification & Isolation
For any guest demonstrating symptoms
Anyone either arriving at, or when inside, one of our events will be initially and continually visually assessed by Covid-Trained First Aid Staff and isolated with further medical measures imposed if any suspicion arises that Covid may be present.
How it works...
Social Distancing
In floor plans and behaviour
Whether operating under a 4m rule, a 2m rule or any other limitations & mandates, we will constantly be updating our floor plans, logistic plans and social distancing measures. This could affect the voume of people at the event as well as proximity and limits of tables and dance floors.
How it works...
Covid Marshalls
For complete safety control
All of our service staff and security personnel are certified Covid-Marshals. They understand the rules and will help guests maintain the proper behaviour for the safe running of all of our events.
How it works...
Food & Beverage Service Safety
Operated by all venues on our programme
All of our participating venues are fully equipped and staff trained in government-mandated Covid-Safe food and beverage service practices. This includes minnovations such as not having anything on banquet tables that are handled by multiple guests and the replacement of such items withy single-serve, disposable alternatives.
How it works...
Superior Information
Before and during the formals
From the initial ticket purchasing, right throughout the planning stages, the notification of rules and again on the night, we provide every guest a full and comprehensive set of information as it becomes either different or necessary to update. This covers all aspects of the event likely to affect them and is designed to keep everyone well informed ahead of time.
How it works...
Constant Authority Contact
Throughout the year
We have contacts at the very top of various government departments and hospitality industry leaders. With these connections, we are always at the very cutting edge of procedural updates and relevant information as, and often before, it becomes available to media and public. This helps us plan better and keep you informed of changing conditions as they become known.
How it works...
Full Refund Assurance
Via different methods
If the event is cancelled due to any Government mandate concerning health, all tickets become instantly refundable and all money is sent back to ticket purchasers with explanations without delay. In the event that the event goes ahead but YOU personally may not be able to attend, we have the optional TikCover refund assurance programme available (conditions apply)
How it works...

2020 Formal Season is now over.

2020 was NOT the formal season we choose to remember. At least not due to the affect that Covid-19 had on our customers. The lessons learned however, are being put to good use moving forward.

Between conflicting information from State Government departments, the severe culling of capacities at venues, the withdrawal of major hotels from events in favour of return travellers quarantine programmes and the sheer fear and anxiety of school administrators, we found the whole industry down some 80% this year.

Those events that did go forward were really fun and successful and thousands of our guests had a great time despite the restrictions. That much we’re grateful for.

As long as the eastern states and their citizens remain on the control trajectory that we’ve observed for the last 3 months of 2020, there should be no reason that 2021 would resemble a normal formal season. We’re already taking bookings ahead of schedule for that and we look forward to a bigger than ever year.

If you have other questions needing answers directly, use this form and we’ll get back to you quickly…