Coronavirus Update

Update Fri 9 Oct
We’re Registered with the NSW Government as Covid-Safe

Please bookmark and check in weekly with us on this page for updates as we roll forward.

Fri 9 Oct 2020 – NSW Government Website TYPO prevents Year 10 and 11 Formals from going ahead.

See this page for details and to lodge your objection!

19th Sept 2020 – Venue Capacities SLASHED!

The 4- Metre rule has reduced the maximum capacity of venues so drastically that there are only 4 Luxury 5-Star venues left in the Sydney CBD / harbour region that can handle formals over 200 heads. Prom Night Events has all of those venues under exclusive agency rights so if you have a formal to book over 200 heads, you’d better call us quick! Dates are half gone already.


The highly anticipated details from the NSW Department of Health, as approved by the Department of Premier & Cabinet, have now been released and we’re already in possession of the perfect plan for the hosting of formals in 2020 that fully comply with all regulations.

If you have not yet booked and secured a formal for 2020, get in touch with us fast! There’s going to be a greatly reduced number of available venues due to the 4 metre rule capacity and we have all the best venues already on hold for our clients. You should be one of them!


The NSW Premier has announced in a Media Conference that Formals are back on for Term 4 2020, albeit that there will be certain restrictions in place.

We want to make it very clear that the lifting of some restrictions may be a first step, however many of the hotel venues are also on the return traveller’s quarantine programme and may be unable to host formals while participating in that programme. We will be able to direct clients to appropriate venues where this programme has no effect on formal bookings.

Questions you may be asking…

Should I Book my Formal? No! It’s not safe either from the standpoint of running the event, or being caught in a situation where your event breaches the regulations.

What if I’ve booked my Formal with someone else and I can’t get my booking deposit back or ticket refunds for a cancellation? Nobody can penalise you for Covid-19 mass gathering restrictions. Check your contract but reputable operators will not be holding on to your money. Every ticket holder and organiser should get a full refund.

What if things change rapidly? We can too! It’s what we’ve been doing for over 30 years. We’re the best at this event sector because we’ve survived every challenge from recession to GFC, from terror alerts to changes to legislation. The whole industry looks to Prom Night Events to take the lead and overcome all obstacles. If the restrictions lift in enough time for us to put an event together for you, you can count on us to make it work.

If you have other questions needing answers directly, use this form and we’ll get back to you quickly…