Coronavirus Update

We’re Registered with the NSW Government as Covid-Safe

Update as at 11 am Saturday 1st Aug 2020 (updated periodically)…

We have comprehensive plans both in place, and actively in development & review, for both the scheduling, and the running, of formals for 2020.

Please bookmark and check in weekly with us on this page for updates as we roll forward.


As Covid-19 Zigs, we have to Zag, and while the restriction roll-back 3 weeks ago was encouraging, developments in Victoria and the leakage to clusters in South Western Sydney and Canberra have caused the NSW State Government to pull back a little on the lifting of restrictions.

September Formal Bookings are now in a somewhat precarious position and we no longer feel entirely comfortable recommending that they roll forward as planned. Our updated position now is that these bookings should be postponed until after the HSC in November just to add an element of safety.

November and December Formal Bookings remain safe and good to go for now, however we will monitor and advise accordingly if the horizon changes for the worse.

What we’re doing on the ground at the Formals

New procedures and equipment have been procured for your safety.

Queuing for entry will be done with social distancing measures in place. Tables and other features around the event spaces will also be placed according to both the Government guidelines, and our own advanced risk assessment guidelines. Numbers of tickets available may also be capped to meet whatever the guidelines and risk analysis results will be on a case by case basis.

Thermal Camera

We’ll be using our Thermal Imaging assets for passive temperature checks at the entry points. Those needing confirmation tests will be individually scanned with Digital Thermoscopes (laser via the ear canal). People found to be displaying symptoms that may be dangerous will immediately be isolated and / or removed from the event areas.

Sanitising Stations will be everywhere

Hand sanitising stations will be at all entry points and available at other locations around the venues for frequent use.

All staff will be using PPE where and when appropriate and banqueting measures have been modified to minimise the possibility of viral transmission. Such things as individual serve Salt & Pepper (instead of shakers) are among the innovative adjustments to normal food service protocols in place, as well as many others.

The ultimate aim of all of these procedures is to augment our already tight safety and security protocols, which are designed and constantly modified, to eliminate everything that can interfere with you having a fun and enjoyable Formal experience.

Current Risk Status (for running formals) stays at Low (see below)

Covid-19 Update from our CEO
COVID-19, our nasty little friend who wasn’t invited to the formal.

The effect of this bug is unprecedented and has been devastating to much of the events industry, however the Formal sector is luckier than most.

Bookmark this page and check here for updates on whether (and in what way) the changing landscape will affect your Formal plans for 2020.

If you have a formal booked with Prom Night Events, you’re luckier than most others. We’re the only events team in the industry with the following resources…

  • We’re well connected with State and Federal Government advisers and receive up-to-the-minute data with which to make or change plans.
  • We’re supported by the latest Targeted Risk Matrix systems and have the highest rating for Health & Safety, Security and Harm Minimisation protocols.
  • We’re in constant discussions with all Major Internationally-Branded Hotel Chains and Venues at upper-management levels to continually align our protocols with theirs in terms of how the events will be managed on the ground.
  • We have the only school formal access to “TikCover” ticket cost assurance systems for securing ticket refunds in the event of a disaster causing cancellation or the inability to attend events.

Current Targeted Risk Assessment (as at 21 July)


Current Formal Booking Status

If your Formal is booked for end of term 3 (September), we recommend postponement to after HSC. If your booking is already Post-HSC (November / December), then events at that time are currently “status-quo” business as usual, no changes for the time being. Continue with plans as normal.

Questions you may be asking…

Should I Book my Formal? If you haven’t already, yes booking now is a good idea because there’s going to be a rush on venues later when this crisis is over. You can always postpone, cancel or evoke other options later if things take a downward turn.

If I book now will I get my deposit back if I need to cancel later? From March 23rd we are taking all new bookings DEPOSIT FREE. You have nothing to lose.

What if I’ve booked my Formal with someone else and I can’t get my booking deposit back for a cancellation? No problem! If you want to shift your Formal to Prom Night Events, we’ll reimburse you the booking deposit you paid to the other guys. We’ll then conduct your Formal without any deposit.

If I have my Formal booked with Prom Night Events, what happens with the government restrictions for 100 heads or more? We have a really innovative team working alongside our partner venues and suppliers during this crisis. That team has come up with several clever ways to let the Formal go ahead without the attendance restrictions being a problem. Nobody else has this in place right now.

Is it safe to conduct a Formal right now? We’ve always been at the very forefront of Workplace Health & Safety and have always been well-known for the highest Security and Safety levels ever devised for the industry. Under the current circumstances, with the additional COVID-19 protocols we’ve put in place, we’re in the second-lowest risk category that exists. We’re certainly in the lowest risk category compared to any of our competitors.

What if things change rapidly? We can too! It’s what we’ve been doing for over 30 years. We’re the best at this event sector because we’ve survived every challenge from recession to GFC, from terror alerts to changes to legislation. The whole industry looks to Prom Night Events to take the lead and overcome all obstacles.

If you have other questions needing answers directly, use this form and we’ll get back to you quickly…