Dine and Discover NSW

Covid-19 prompted the NSW Government to introduce the D & D programme and we’re grateful for that.

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As the system was temporary and they didn’t anticipate anyone wanting refunds, they didn’t bother creating a “take it back” system. Therefore it’s been left up to the ticketing platforms to create their own refund systems for dealing with situations where the vouchers may be used but then need to be refunded. Unfortunately these are all done manually and there are associated labour costs involved.

If you’ve used your D & D voucher for a formal ticket with us, and your formal then had to be cancelled or tickets refunded, the only way to recover the D & D portion of your ticket is for us to manually transfer the funds into your bank account. If this applies to you, fill in the form below and we’ll manually process your request and notify you when it’s done.

Please note, the D & D Vouchers are valued at $25, however you will only receive MOST of these funds, not the whole $25 as the processing fees will take a few dollars. We’re sorry about this of course but the government has caused this issue and passed the costs to us. We hope you understand.