Formal Planning

Are you thinking that your formal is going to be easy to plan? It’s not as easy as you think.

Consider a wedding. There are custom clothes to be fitted, limousines to be booked, hair, makeup, nails, shoes, accessories and a variety of other personal things to be attended to. Then there’s the venue, dinner, entertainment, logistics, decor, crowd control, parking, seating allocations, invitations, floor service, dance floors, lighting and again a host of things that will be needed by the attending guests.

The average wedding has 120 guests, 6 members of a bridal party and takes a year to plan properly.

Now consider that precisely the same things need to be organised for a school formal, except there are some scary differences. Firstly, the clothes, limos, hair, nails, shoes and accessories don’t only apply to the 6 members of the bridal party, they apply to EVERYONE attending.

Then consider that the average School Formal has over 200 guests, and you won’t have anywhere near a year to plan it.

There is a plethora of legal liability issues and legal compliance issues that apply to formals that don’t apply to any other kind of event. It’s by far the most heavily regulated section of the event management industry.

Without professional assistance from authorised and experienced professionals, statistically, you have very little chance of your formal going precisely to plan.

Remember – you only get one chance.

Still think this is going to be easy?

If you’re starting the journey down the School Formal planning track, you’re going to need reliable and useful resources, advice and information to steer you the right way.

Bookmark this page now! You’ll probably want to keep coming back as questions and issues come up over the planning stages.

Resources provided here have been created by School Formal industry leading experts with decades of direct experience. There’s pretty much nothing about School Formal that we haven’t seen before.

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