Formal Planning Meetings

Our Big Screen Viewing Room
Our Big Screen Viewing Room

When you’re hunting down the best package for your school formal, anyone who doesn’t want to meet you is simply offering the same package to everyone for the same price. You deserve better!

10 reasons why a professional Planning meeting is CRITICAL to the night’s success…

1/ A professional prom planner has hundreds of school formals, plus years of experience, behind them.

They’ve seen it all and are the best qualified to give you advice on everything that can go right (and wrong) with a formal. Because we do nothing but formals, we can lead you through the planning stages and give you lists of things to consider that you’d never think of on your own.

2/ It takes countless hours LESS work.

The average 6-person student committee working without professional help will spend literally dozens of hours each during the year just trying to see venues and compare prices, all with no guarantee of a booking or a successful night.

That’s study and social time you wouldn’t have. Once you book one of our planning meetings, there’s nothing left to do.

3/ You can see all of the perfect venues in one place at one time.

Instead of walking around town trying to get viewings of various venues when they’re not set up and probably not available is a huge task, and one that yields few results.

In our planning meetings, we can showcase up to 50 of the most desirable venues in one place and take you on virtual tours so you can see how they look all set up on formal night.

4/ You’ll get exactly the school formal you want and need – No mistakes!

Everyone’s different and a formal package really needs to be tailor made to suit your dreams and budget.

This is the only chance you’ll get to get it right. There’s no “do-over”. Wouldn’t you want to give the night the best possible chance of success?

5/ Guaranteed lowest prices.

Most people think that custom-designing an individual formal package automatically means that it costs more. That’s simply not true. Our custom packages cost an average of $35 to $40 per ticket LESS than if you put together the same event by yourself.

Nobody can beat our prices – guaranteed.

6/ Access to the most exclusive venues on offer.

Of the most desired formal venues in Sydney, almost all of them won’t take your booking unless Prom Night Events is planning the night for you.

That means by letting us do it for you, not only can you get a golden ticket into venues nobody else can get but at lower prices too.

7/ No Security Bonds – EVER!

If you book with us, no matter which venue and package you choose, you’ll never have to pay a security bond, not one cent!

8/ Statistically better chance of securing the date and location you want.

As soon as term 1 commenced, more than 740 School Formal committees and 300 Uni Faculty departments scrambled to secure the 30 most desired venues on the same 15 nights after November exams end.

Statistically, during week 1 of term 1 you only have a 1.64% chance of gaining the venue and night you want without professional help. By the end of week 3, that chance drops to 0.82%. If you leave it until March or later, you risk having no prestige venues left at all.

Prom Night Events already has prime dates on hold with all of the most desired venues in Sydney before the season commences every year. By booking with us, you have a 95% chance of getting the perfect venue first time.

9/ 7 Day per week assistance at call.

Once you plan your formal with us, your designated Event Manager is available to help you every day, right up to the night of your formal. Usually the person you meet with is the same person that looks after you all the way throughout the year.

10/ Online planning tools to help make the planning process easier.

The Master Data Portal (MDP) is a custom-designed online portal that operates through our web site. It’s fully secure and accessible from anywhere. You’ll have your own account and special environment within our servers where you can see all your files, access resources, enter data and make selections relating to things like menus, run-sheets, decoration colours, flavours, music and everything to do with your formal.


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