We're Grateful

Here's the deal...

We're paying Finder's Fees to anyone who refers (or becomes) a customer for a school formal package in 2020. It's very straight-forward. Watch the video for details.

No gimmicks! $500 in Pre-Paid Visa Cards per booking is up for grabs.

Refer a friend who needs a school social event organised, or act as the organiser and signatory yourself, and if we secure that booking, we'll express our gratitude with a Pre-Paid Visa Card. 

Conditions apply of course but you should check it out (below)!

YES! I WANT A FINDER'S FEE - Fill out this form right NOW!...

*- New Business Only (regular customers of Prom Night Events and / or those already negotiating events prior to the receipt of this application are not eligible for this offer). Commissions totalling $500 are fully declared to all concerned parties according to NSW Trade Practices Legislative Guidelines. Signatories must satisfy standard contract eligibility criteria. Commission is payable only at such time as the terms of the agreement for the event are satisfied. This offer is for NEW Business Only. Bookings must be secured by Midnight EST April 30th 2020.