MDP – Four Points By Sheraton Sydney

This form MUST be submitted before your Data Deadline (check your paperwork for that date)

This means that you can leave this form to be filled out until just before your deadline. If you fill it out early, there may be changes that you want to make later. We will only be able to apply the data that came in the latest.

dinner.pngBelow, in the form, are the selection fields for your menu options.

Critical! Your paperwork will tell you whether you have “alternate” course selections as part of your package. If you do, then you may select any 2 menu items of which ever courses are applicable. If not, then only select 1 item in each course.

Note! If you do not have alternate serve options in your package, and you select a second menu item, we will apply only the choice you made for option 1.

Some of the fields below are essential. If you submit the form with any data missing or incorrect, the RED text will tell you which field needs adjustment.

Vegetarians will enjoy set menu items as follows…

Entree: Roasted vegetable stack served with confit onion jam and roast capsicum sauce.

Main Course: Vegetable Moussaka with ribbon vegetables and a creamy white sauce.