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Our Formal Packages

This is where your School Formal REALLY starts to come together. Prom Night Events packages are fully custom-designed. That means you have the power to decide what options are included.

The best part of our packages is that it doesn’t matter which of our venues you choose. All of the inclusions are pretty much the same from venue to venue.

There is a section of every package that we call “The Base”. This is a list of essential inclusions that we believe must be in every package to make it successful. Every School Formal we conduct has “The Base”, then you add your own optional inclusions to that. The following lists the inclusions in both the “Base” and the “Options”. You can click on them to see explanations of each one…

If you’re buying your formal elsewhere and not getting everything mentioned in our base package, you’re having a “Budget” formal. (Good luck with THAT!)

What’s really interesting is that our Base already has far more inclusions than anyone else’s full package and NOBODY else is offering this list of optional extras.

Base Package Inclusions

Download a Fact Sheet

The following inclusions are standard on all School Formals we conduct and are included in the ticket price.

prom_night_events_hilton_sydney_07Australia’s most Desired Premium Venues

All of our venues are internationally recognised brands that are exclusive to Prom Night Events.

These venues are chosen on a strict criteria of high quality in service, cuisine and facilities. No other School Formal company is accepted by these venues.


Allocated Seating Plan

Our fully electronic system seats everyone perfectly and comfortably with a no effort.

These floor plans are expertly designed to give you maximum dance floor space.

Each guests ticket is designed with their own specific seating allocation.


Dedicated & Exclusive Banquet Staff

If banquet staff are elsewhere looking after another event, that’s a problem. We ensure that banqueting staff are dedicated to your school formal and nothing else.

Other venues share staff between events but at Prom Night, we insist on a dedicated team so that the quality of service for YOUR formal is the highest.


Dedicated MC

The smooth running of your night is in the hands of our expert MC’s. They’re good entertainers but also qualified banquet and operational team managers.

Your Prom Night MC stays until the very end of the formal.


A-La-Carte Dinner

Internationally experienced Chefs prepare a menu for you that is not only sumptuous and delicious, but also specially designed to appeal to teenagers.



Unlimited Soft Drinks

For the whole duration of the School Formal, you’ll have a continuous flow of soft drinks constantly served. No limits, no cut off times, and all popular flavours are provided.

In addition to served drinks, there are also water stations set up near dance floors for later in the night when you pick up the pace.


Top-Level Club DJ + Semi-Intelligent Lighting

Trance, Hip Hop, R & B, House, anything that thumps. Our DJ’s are so hot we have to reinforce dance floors (literally true!).

Every DJ comes with a complete light show and you can pre-request music in advance too.


Full Photography Package

Our Photographers are specialists and they stay late to get creative shots of everything and everyone. Shots are all high-quality digital.

You can request portraits or group shots and they’ll catch you when you’re not looking too!


Free web gallery with secure on-line ordering

We upload all your photos into a Facebook gallery where you can view, tag and download them.

(This is also a photo taken with our new Media Wall – see below)


Fully Equipped Security Team

Our Guards are expertly trained, equipped with state of the art gear, fully licensed, insured, certified in R.S.A., Senior First Aid, WHS and WWC cleared.

They’re a friendly and efficient crew and they make sure that nothing will ruin your night. Female guards attend every event.


Custom Printed Tickets with Prom Details

Our online ticketing system is both functional and practical. It’s a bit like Ticketek or Moshtix but friendlier.

You print your own tickets, each ticket has event & venue details + guest’s names & seating allocations. The tickets are laser validated on entry.


Secure Custom Planning Software (MDP)

This is Prom Night’s exclusive on-line system for planning your School Formal. All choices are done with mouse-clicks. This takes all the work out of planning.



Full Comprehensive Insurance Cover

We carry 4 sets of diverse insurances totalling over $60 Million in cover. We’re underwritten by Lloyds of London. As a result, no security bonds are payable with our formals.

Prom Night Events formals are the most highly insured functions in the Australian events industry.

event manager

Personal Event Manager on call 7 days

Personal Event Managers are on call 7 days a week. They hold qualifications in Event Management disciplines + minimum 3 years field experience in teen events.

Your designated event manager knows everything about your big night and they remain on-call to help you right up until the doors open at your formal.


100% Legal Compliance with all State Laws

The School Formal Industry is now one of the most highly policed and regulated, and NSW has the toughest and most complex laws concerning these events.

Our system ensures that the 40-Point checklist of legal compliance on every event is covered. We’re Australia’s only recognised experts on this.


National Market Leading Experience

We’ve conducted more School Formals than any other Australian company. Media & Government choose us as industry consultants because nobody knows more about school formals than us.

You can buy a cheaper formal elsewhere but it’s this experience you can’t buy.

Optional Package Inclusions

Download a Fact Sheet

The following inclusions are available to add to your base package and will also be included in the ticket price once you’ve added them.


Chair Covers  with Satin Sashes

They come in over 20 designer colours. They’re made to fit any venues banquet chairs easily and you can contrast the sashes.

They really do add that touch of elegance, colour and fun to every venue and are one of our most popular optional inclusions every year.


Tablecloths, Overlays, Runners & Napkins

We offer a complete table coordinates package in the same wide range of colours as chairs so you can mix and match what ever fits your dream.

You can create something really coordinated or randomise things to make it more festive if you like.


Presentation Sashes

Awards and presentations can be the most fun part of the formalities. You can choose up to 20 designs and we’ll have them printed specially for you.

They come in a huge range of sash colours, fonts and font colours and each one has a Velcro tip for easy fitting.


Media Wall & Red Carpet

Just like the Hollywood stars you can now have your best photos taken in front of our exclusive 3 metre wide, 2.4 metre tall media wall.

It comes complete with red carpet to stand on.


Balloons (both helium and air creations)

Free-Floating, Table Clusters, Floor Towers or Topiary.  Even illuminated 3-footers are available. A huge range of styles and colours are matched to the palette of the chair covers and table linen and they make great souvenirs too.

Helium Balloons are an inexpensive way of adding colour to your formal.


Floral Table Centrepieces

A stylish way to decorate the centre of tables is with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, arranged artistically. Choose from many different styles, all the same price to make budgeting easy.

Among our designs are a selection of Australian Native flower arrangements.


Illuminated Furniture

To add a splash of colour and fun to your formal, we can deliver tables, chairs, stools, DJ consoles and all sorts of furniture that lights up in a range of bright colours.

They can change colour randomly or you can programme a colour scheme with remote controls.


Glow Sticks for all guests to party with

An amazing and fun spectacle glowsticks always are. We’d supply one for each guest and they come in a variety of 6 luminescent colours.

There really is nothing like the sight of a couple of hundred glowsticks on a dark dance floor.

projectionBig Screen Digital Projection Package

You provide us with pics of your years together and we’ll make that into an entertaining slide presentation for you. Single or Double screen options are available to suit your chosen venue.

Online uploading of your pics is makes this process easy.


Surprise Flash Mob Dancers

Breakdance, Latin Salsa, Freestyle Street Dance and even Ballroom. We have teams of dancers that dress like banquet staff and actually serve your tables, then at a coordinated moment, break out into an awesome flash mob dance routine on cue.


Close-Hand Magician / Comedian

To entertainment during drinks & dinner, a travelling plethora of close-hand magic and side-splitting humour. No two encounters are the same.

This is not “rabbit out of a hat” stuff – you really will walk away scratching your head.


Formal Etiquette Training Module

This is the only inclusion conducted at school BEFORE the School Formal. We send out a trainer to bring your year into line with polite society before the night.

They cover all manner of etiquette from correct table manners to photo posing and even how to get in and out of a limo properly.


Selfie Booths

Digital photo booths are a really fun way of collecting mementos of how much fun you and your friends had together at the prom. Prints are FREE and printed on the spot in identical pairs with your chosen message on them.

The digital versions will be put up on a free Facebook gallery for you to tag later.



A video crew takes footage of all the important moments which is then posted on a web site for you to see and purchase DVD copies if you like.

The DVD’s are a really cleverly edited version of the highlights of your night.


Long Stemmed Rose for Every Girl

Each girl is personally hand-presented a long-stemmed rose as they arrive. These have a flattering scent and look fabulous in portrait photos.

(Sorry guys! This is for the girls only)

video kiosk

Video Kiosk

This is an awesome way to add your own special wishes and thoughts to your School Formal. It operated like a “Diary Room” from a reality TV show.

You record your message and it becomes added to the list for later purchase on DVD.



You can choose from a selection of elaborate candelabra for your banquet tables.

They come in 3, 4 or 5 candle models and all designs come with long white tapered candles for the perfect look.


Celebration Slab Cake

Cakes make a great and inexpensive alternative to an elaborate dessert. They come in a variety of flavours and you can select the whole colour scheme yourself, including what message is written on top.

Everyone gets a slice served to their tables with coffee and tea after dinner.


Individual Cup-Cakes for everyone

An alternative to Slab Cake is individual cupcakes. These come in the same range of flavours and colours as the Slab Cake but more personal because everyone received their own.

They really are delicious and baked fresh on the day of your formal.


Pop Corn Bars

Classic Pop Corn just like at the movies, popped fresh right before your own eyes.

We’ll send this Pop Corn Bar with a Server to assist your guests. Pop Corn is really popular for pre-dinner drinks.


Fairy Floss Bars

A Fairy Floss Bar with a professional operator to help serve your guests is loads of fun.

You can choose from either Pink or Blue Cotton Candy.


Gelato Bars

Dessert options now include high-quality gelato in a huge range of amazing flavours and a server to assist.


Frozen Slushy Bar

These icy drinks are non-alcoholic and come in a variety of colours and flavours. We’ll set it all up and one of our Daiquiri Barmen will run it for you.

Most of our optional inclusions were added to our list because our customers asked if we could do them. If you have an idea, tell us and we’ll see what we can do for you.


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