Prom TV

PromTV MicProm TV is a new and exciting concept in online broadcasting. Streamed through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and of course this web site, we hope to reach an audience of 15 to 18 year old demographic consumers.

It’s aimed at teen-aged high-school students who are gearing up for their formals in years 10, 11 and 12.

If you’re an organiser, there will be tons of content about venues, inclusions and how to plan your formal well. For formal attendees, there will be an equal amount of content on fashion, beauty, hair, transport and other social advice on how to make this the most memorable night of your life.

The formattnchanellemat will be something kind of like “Catfish” meets “MTV” meets “A Current Affair” and will include documentary items, journalistic reports, magazine items, info-mercial content and human-interest stories, mixed in with the cheekiness of teen humour and a measure of cool.

We’ll be interviewing leading celebrities involved in the formals market, and whomever else the audience might find interesting.

It’s going to be interactive with open channels of communication and content suggestion from the audience concerning what they’d like to see.

Trachienjimmyhe personality team is a charismatic crew of young people out the front, supported by real-world media specialists behind the scenes in production, copy-writing, journalism, directing and editing. We’re aiming for a broadcast-standard of excellence in presentation and content.

The best part is they’re having the time of their lives doing this and it shows.


We’re always keeping an eye out for possible additions to the crew – and we often have a few vacancies. We seek talented and enthusiastic people with a flair for this industry (and some relevant skills or qualifications) to join the internship programme for Prom TV, where proper vocational training will be provided along with some real-world project experience and great CV content can be created. Some of our participants have already been employed by major media companies and attribute some of their success to their work on Prom TV.

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Take a browse of a few snapshots from our recent location shoots…

Say hello to the current members of the Prom TV Crew…



Elliot – Executive Producer / Director / Crew Dad / Buyer of Hot Dogs

Of course Elliot gets to be on the crew – he owns the company, however he’s also got loads of broadcast Radio & TV experience.

He’s essentially the captain of the team and helps steer the content but leaves the creative side to the rest of the crew below.


Sam – Cameraman / Presenter / Creative Genius

Sam is our Go Pro / DSLR eyes and ears. Pretty much everything you’ll see on Prom TV, he sees first RAW.

Sam comes to us with serious experience in TV & film production and will make us all look better than real life. He’s also one of our more popular presenters and a mad practical joker.

oftense_promtv Oftense – Producer / Researcher / Presenter

Oftense (Offy) is responsible for sourcing the content that YOU want to see. He seeks out and hunt down the stories and people that matter to you. All content broadcast on Prom TV must be approved by him.

He also coordinates location shoots and binds the crew together. He also steps in and presents when the mood is right.


Taylor – Post Production / Editor / Fixer of others mistakes!

Taylor is responsible for compiling the tons of amazing material collected by the crew and putting it together into funky and cool segments and reports that make it easy and fun for you to get the facts.

She works with some pretty sophisticated systems and creates amazing effects.


Jimmy – Presenter / Reporter / (Moral Booster)

Jimmy’s into skate culture and Hardcore Punk but has also been on the Prom Night Events team for years and has been to heaps of formals.

He knows venues, he knows music, he knows inclusions. Jimmy just KNOWS! He’s been to more formals than anyone on the Prom TV Crew so he’s seen the best of everything.


Rachie – Presenter / Reporter

Rachie’s also into skate culture and Hardcore Punk but also knows about fashion and decorations.

She’s been on the Prom Night Events team for about a year and has seen lots of formals from different perspectives.


Chanelle – Presenter / Reporter

Chanelle comes to us from the exciting world of international 6-star cruises and top-level live entertainment. She’s right at the cutting edge of dance culture and knows the latest trends sweeping the globe on event entertainment.

Her energy knows no bounds.


Melissa – Presenter / Reporter

Melissa couldn’t wait to get started on the Prom TV project. She loves venues, loves events, loves fashion and loves TV.

In our opinion that makes her the perfect person to seek out those things and bring them to you. Melissa had the honour of presenting for Sydney Hilton on her very first Prom TV assignment.


Dargan – Presenter / Reporter

The “Darganator” is the most extreme member of the crew. Extreme fun, extreme humour, extreme everything.

If there’s a fun angle to any of our stories, Dargan will find it. He knows how to party and keeping him under control is probably our biggest challenge here at Prom TV.

madison_promtvMadison – Presenter / Reporter

Madison comes with some strong credentials in Journalism and even psychology. She’s also keen to get her sleeves rolled up with production behind the camera so that makes her a really valuable and versatile addition to the crew.

She’s fashion savvy and is a cool and likeable addition to the Prom TV crew.


Cassidy – Presenter / Reporter

Cassidy is one of our more experienced media people. She knows journalism and TV but also has real energy for the Prom TV concept.

We’re really excited to add Cassidy to the crew.


Alex – Production Crew

Alex knows techo audio / cable / plug in thingies. We need that so he’s kind of important to the team.

Aside from that he’s got some amazing positive energy and things seem to go really well when he’s around, so we’re glad to have him on board.

Things don’t always go perfectly during shoots, and in these cases, we actually have more fun…

If you think you have what it takes to join Prom TV – apply using the form below.