Tickets – Redlands Year 10 Harbour Cruise 2020


Fri 6 Nov 2020 – 7 pm – 10:15 pm

Captain Cook III (vessel), docked at Wharf 1 Darling Harbour, King Street Wharf

(opposite Bungalow 8) (map below)

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Refund Policy – Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable however they are TRANSFERABLE. If you need to on-sell a ticket, just be sure to contact us with the buyer’s details so we can update the booking. Tickets covered by TikCover may be eligible for refunds under certain conditions, click the TikCover logo to check.

Covid-19 Refunds are automatic (including all fees) in the event that Government Restrictions cause the event to be cancelled.



TikCover – This event has optional TikCover refund assurance available. This enables you to obtain a refund of the ticket price if something prevents you from attending the event (subject to criteria). To learn more about what TikCover does and does NOT cover – click the TikCover logo.



Conditions of Entry – Strict Dress Codes Apply. “Fancy Dress”, jeans, shorts and baseball caps are all forbidden. Alcohol, food, drinks, weapons, drugs & drug paraphernalia, prohibited articles and other contraband found will be confiscated and disposed of without exception. Breath Testing and Drug Testing will be conducted. Minors (Under 18’s) showing any level of alcohol ingestion whatsoever, adults holding valid government issued photo identification showing alcohol levels exceeding 0.05% BAC, and ANY person of any age returning positive drug tests shall be refused entry without exception. Sophisticated electronic, thermal, optic, magnetic, particle and chemical devices will be applied to all persons, bags, clothing and property for the purpose of detecting contraband, whether carried or ingested. Physical property searches will be conducted according to state approved “Search & Seizure” procedures. Contraband will be found and seized. Offenders will be refused entry and / or detained for interview by Police. “Zero Tolerance” on these issues applies to all events & guests. All guests are subject to recording by security CCTV and audio equipment at all times while attending the event. All photographic & video images recorded at the event, and all data collected as part of the ticketing process, shall be deemed as having been with the approval (of the purchaser and the attendee), and may be shared with only our approved business associates, and / or used for promotional purposes.



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