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School Administrator’s Survey 2015

cropped-elk2Information collected here is processed by ELK & Sons Consolidated Pty Ltd for market research and statistical analysis. ELK & Sons maintains the confidentiality of participants and provides only broad statistics to Government and Media as requested.

Welcome to our 2015 School Administrator’s survey. This is a brief and simple, mostly multiple choice, exercise that will help us to better understand the minds of senior school community officers when thinking about different issues and areas of concern. This survey specifically deals with School Formals.

A little background:

The school formal today is not only a part of teen and secondary school culture, but it has also evolved in the last 20 years to become a bona-fide industry in its own right, turning over some $3.5 Billion per annum nationally.

Along with the recognition of the industry by the community comes significant attention, and regulation, by government. New South Wales currently has the most rigid and highly developed legislation in place designed specifically to address this sector of the market and works closely with industry leaders to monitor and affect the changes that help to manage that ongoing evolution process wisely and with the safety of minors foremost in mind.

The data that you provide here will assist in that process. Surveys like this have already contributed significantly to recent changes in state legislation, which have gone a long way towards establishing safe practice and the elimination of dangers that have for years caused concern to school administrators, parents and the community at large. Your contribution is appreciated and will be used to further this good work.


Your Reward:

By participating in our survey, we want to reward you for your valuable time. For every survey properly completed, we will send out a pair of free cinema vouchers to enjoy a film with our compliments.

Conditions* (see below)

* – In order to be eligible for these cinema vouchers, participants must complete the survey truthfully and with all of the required detail.

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