Thanks for Supporting the Formal!

Well you’ve secured your ticket/s to the formal. We’re looking foirward to seeing you there.

Now What? Well you might have a few questions about tickets, rules & conditions etc. We’ve prepared a list of the most frequently raised curiosities with links to where you might find the answers…

OOPS! I made a mistake and I need to change something on my ticket!!!

Maybe the name of your partner has changed or you have different dietary needs than you mentioned. Maybe you’ve chosen the wropng table and need to move.

All of these kinds of questiuons can be answered on our Ticketing Page

“I have special, religeous meal needs”

We can take care of most of that – see our Religious Meal Needs Page

“What are the Conditions of Entry?”

Great Question! You can get those answers by reading This Doc

“What Shoes should I wear?”

That requires some thought – great advice can be found HERE

“Should I Drink before going?”

The answer to that might surprise you. Read More!

“How am I going to get there?”

Think about your transport – here’s some great advice in This Doc

“Who is Prom Night Events?”

Well that’s the guys who are running this event for you – Check Us Out!

If you have other questions – you can contact us a variety of ways through our Contact Page