The Prom Night Process

Planning a school formal with us is as easy as 1-2-3-4 Clicks – Give it a go!


Step 1 – Decide on a date – Not who you’re going to take – the date of the event!

Time of the year – These are the 3 most popular periods for formals…

  • Mid Year (June / July)
  • End of Term 3 – (late Sept)
  • Peak Period – (Nov / Dec after exams)

Day of week – Weekends have less venues and suppliers available and cost a lot more. Monday to Thursday is a smarter pick, especially in Nov because after that EVERY night is Saturday as far as you’re concerned.



Step 2 – Make a Wish-List

Get an idea in your mind of how you see this event looking. What kind of location, what kind of decor, colours, inclusions and features. Be realistic and imagine that the more funky things get in this list, the more expensive it’s going to be.



Step 3 – Make a Realistic Budget

Keeping in mind that the whole event, from the venue and all the catering right down to the tickets themselves, has to be costed out “Per Head”. Talk to your group and figure out what the top price per ticket everyone would be willing to pay.

As a guideline, $85-$99 per ticket is considered a “BUDGET” event and you won’t get more than a very low-end basic package in a 2 or 3-Star venue for that.

The AVERAGE cost per ticket of a “PREMIUM” event is around $135-$160, however for that you get 4 and 5-Star package, cram-packed with great inclusions for an unforgettable night.

You have to make that decision up front. Otherwise you can waste valuable time and effort shopping in the wrong place to get something that’s wrong for you.



Step 4 – Get in touch with Prom Night Events!

We’re the experts in this business and can fit you to the perfect set of venues, inclusions and packages to get you over the line quickly and without any hassle.

Our consulting and quote system is totally FREE!

Email us here to get the ball rolling!

BULLSEYE! Perfect Formal!