Welcome to the TikCover Portal. This is where you can add TikCover to a previous formal ticket purchase, in case you didn’t take the TikCover option at the time you bought the tickets. Take note that before purchasing TikCover here, you’ll need the Booking ID from Humanitix that came with your original ticket purchase. We need that to match up your TickCover purchase with your original tickets. When you’re ready, just fill in the form below.

TikCover Products

tikcoverlogo STANDARD

STANDARD cover protects you for all ordinary eventualities, such as, in the case of individuals, there may be severe illness, accident or other related major emergency, or, in the case of events and venues, it could be that a venue suffers a catastrophe or the event is prevented from going ahead due to unforeseen technicalities.

Standard cover DOES NOT cover you for non-attendance due to COVID-19 situations (infection or close contact isolation scenarios).

tikcoverlogo COVID PLUS

COVID-PLUS cover protects you for non-attendance due ONLY to COVID-19 situations (infection or close contact isolation scenarios). It does NOT cover you for ordinary eventualities covered by STANDARD cover.

Strict criteria apply to this cover

tikcoverlogo MULTI PREMIUM

MULTI-PREMIUM cover protects you for all ordinary eventualities (as mentioned in STANDARD cover) AND covers you for non-attendance due to COVID-19 situations (infection or close contact isolation scenarios). Essentially it’s STANDARD and COVID-PLUS combined into a super-cover.

Now that you have a better idea of which TikCover product suits you, you can fill out the following form to make your purchase…

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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

TikCover can only be applied to pre-existing event tickets. If the Booking ID you enter does not match the ticket data from the event platform, your TikCover may not be applied to the correct ticket purchase. TikCover conditions of cover (and non-cover) are published for view at tikcover.com. Adding TikCover is not a guarantee that your ticket purchase cost will be refunded. All applications for refund must be within the guidelines and terms of the specific cover as set out in the conditions at tikcover.com. All refund requests will be assessed against the relevant criteria on an individual basis. If you have purchased 2 tickets but subsequently only add 1 TikCover, the cover will be void as it cannot be applied to only 1 ticket in a 2-ticket order, it must be applied to the whole purchase by adding 2 TikCovers to the 2-ticket order.